🥇 ▷ Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise launch time

After being received very quietly, Ubisoft finally responded whenever we could expect Operation Rainbow Six Siege Bucket Rise to air. It will be released on September 11, tomorrow, when this story airs, and for developers it has been officially released on the exact launch time to wait before playing.

Bucket Rise aired on September 11 at 8:00 PDT / 11: 00 EDT / 16: 00 BST on all PC platforms including Steam and Uplay. Console players will enter a little earlier: wait to see PlayStation 4 at 6:00 PDT / 9:00 EDT / 2:00 PM BST, gives Xbox One launch at 7:00 PDT / 10:00 EDT / 15: 00 BST.

Bucket Naik’s release date will take more than just sending a new operator and reworking the Canal map. Yesterday, Ubisoft revealed the many balance shifts that occurred as part of the Bucket Ride, including top Fuze and Warden fans – you can check out the link for details on what has changed.

Ember Naik’s sticky notes were previously necessary so we could get a more practical version of the Terrorist Hunt; in other words, no more bombers. We will see all the details about what has changed soon.

Meanwhile, the number of Rainbow Six Siege players hit by fiber regularly reaches new milestones. It recently reached 50 million players, aided by regular free trials, to be sure, but it’s still an interesting endeavor for surveillance shooters.


Rainbow Six Siege Bucket Rise launch time: a new season launches tomorrow

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