1 in 3 people will experience temperatures like the current Sahara in 2070

A new climate model concludes that a third of the world population will live in territories with temperatures as high as the current temperatures in the Sahara desert, and that could happen very soon: in 2070.

The climate change it is a fact, and it is one of the great short-term concerns in which many resources must be invested to try to safeguard thousands of species that could face extinction, but that will also affect the human being who would be forced to migrate to other uninhabited areas of our planet.

Given that you cannot live in the Sahara desert, it would force more than 2 billion people worldwide to migrate, to go to other areas that are currently uninhabited but that could have a more benevolent temperature that would help improve social welfare and fighting food and water shortages.

This would have a devastating effect on farmland that would no longer be able to provide us with basic food necessary for minimal survival. It should be noted that this new climate model is based on an extreme prediction where humanity does absolutely nothing to tackle climate change, and that it continues to gradually increase its greenhouse gas emissions.

This study, which can be read in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows us that many of the currently highly populated regions will remain deserted, especially with references to Brazil, North Africa and India. Also very affected places would be large swaths of Russia, Canada and the Arctic that little by little would have warmer temperatures compared to the current ones.

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As we have discussed, this will cause more than 2 billion people have to emigrate, leave their places of origin to go to other more benevolent areas due to the temperature going mainly to northern and southern areas of the world.

It is a new study that affirms the inevitable, and that is that climate change will mean a gradual increase in temperatures over the next decades, until it is impossible to live in areas where billions of people are currently making their lives.

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