12 Best Instagram Challenges you must try

While there could be all kinds of ways to win lots of hearts in InstagramNothing could be more effective and exciting than taking on a challenge. Not only does it keep boredom at bay, but it also gives you a chance to show off your photography skills. As a rookie you will learn a lot Instagram tricks that may be useful to you in the future. And as a professional, your talent will get the exposure you need so much to stand out. Not only that, a challenge can even help you win prizes that could be a catalyst for your career. So what better way to start than to explore the best? Instagram challenges that are fashionable in 2020? Let me prepare you for an exciting challenge!

Best Instagram Challenges you should not miss

If you haven’t tried any Instagram Challenges still, mastering them would be the right way.

So what is a Instagram Challenge?

To be more precise, a Instagram the challenge is basically a theme asking people to share photos and videos following certain rules. There are a variety of challenges. While some Instagram challenges are set to improve your photography skill, others are designed to boost creativity. In addition, there is also Some challenges that aim to make you feel happy with a good combination of fun elements. Not to mention, some of them even have lucrative rewards to motivate you. So depending on what you like, you can choose a challenge to show off your prowess.

How to participate in a Instagram Challenge?

It is quite easy to participate in a Instagram challenge. All you have to do is generally share a photo or video on Instagram with a #hashtag based on a specific topic. If the challenge has a prize, you may need to follow the host and the invited judge. For example, there is a Instagram challenge called #nightlifephotographychallenge where you have to share night photos. You will need to share night photos on your Instagram count and include the same hashtag in your subtitle.

#WHP, also known as “Weekend Hashtag Project”, is An official Instagram challenge. With designated hashtags and themes selected by InstagramCommunity Team is quite popular on the social media platform. And if you have set yourself to doing some interesting challenges, you should keep your eyes on it. To participate in this challenge, all you need to do is follow @instagram and then look for a post every week, that announces the last project.

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Yes sharing a blast from the past brings you a lot of happiness, #TBT or #throwbackthursday is what you should look for. Users of Instagram they share their memories of Thursday to show your nostalgic feelings. Due in large part to the fascinating concept, he is ruling the chicken coop as one of the best Instagram challenges right now. And I bet you would fall in love with him too thanks to his emotional appeal.

For those looking for a Instagram Challenge that can offer you the desired freedom to share a photo of what you want, project # 365 seems to be the right bet. The challenge offers not only complete freedom, but also a long journey to show the skill of photography. Beyond photography, It can also serve as a beautiful keepsake, allowing you to turn back the clock and view the images you shared on specific days.

# 365project

Not only Instagram, Savage Challenge has also been a trend on TikTok. Presented by Megan Thee Stallion, it has a variety of ingredients to bring out the best in you. But keep in mind that this quirky challenge requires some practice such as flexibility and time are the key aspects. However, if you’re up for a catchy challenge, it’s worth checking out.

Wild challenge

If you love participating in art projects, # the100dayproject is for you. Their a free global art project that lasts 100 days. Presented by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson, this year’s challenge started in mid-April and has grown stronger. So if you’re willing to risk it, you’ll have to hurry up a bit. As for the suggestion to take better advantage of this challenge, make sure that your art retains originality.

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# the100dayproject

If it’s the fun item you’re looking for, it would be hard to find a more entertaining place Instagram challenge like #mustacheme. The theme of this challenge is take a mustache picture every day and share it with the tag. In addition to offering lots of fun, this challenge supports the Movember Foundation which raises funds to improve men’s health. So the next time you want to flaunt a masculine attitude, you shouldn’t give this challenge a try.

# moustache

It’s always good to show appreciation for something or someone, isn’t it? And if you are looking for a great way to let everyone know how grateful you are for specific things, # 365gratefulproject aka # 365grateful is for you. Although the theme is fairly straightforward, make sure your photos have enough emotion to play a positive chord.

# 365grateful project

# 100happydayschallenge is the kind of challenge that most Instagrammers would like to take on. Requires that capture a photo of something that makes you feel happy and share it with the hashtag. Well, the goal of this challenge is to instill an optimistic attitude by pushing despair and sadness away. In case you are looking for a challenge not only to improve your photographic ability, but also to ignore the disappointments of the past, I would recommend you give it a try.

# 100happydayschallenge

Directed by designer, photographer and blogger. @zoepower, #mybeautifulsimplicity is one of the most beloved Instagram challenges out there. The challenge demands you post simple but beautiful images that can appear sharp and calm. As for the tip to pull it out, bring serenity to the fore while ensuring that images appear clutter-free. Landscape images with powerful sky and simple still lifes could be a great success.


Well, I have chosen #myweekofvintage specifically for people who never seem to have enough of vintage items. If that’s you, it could easily become your first choice. This challenge is all about capturing photos of retro stuff like an old sewing machine, clay pots, telephone or a retro suitcase. The key to winning this challenge is keeping the vintage look of an object intact by not using catchy Instagram filters

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After a great weekend, who wants to go back to work on Monday with all their hearts? Very few, if not none! I guess most of us ran into the blues on Monday at the beginning of the week, finding it a bit difficult to get the flow back. But in case you don’t want Monday’s blues to ruin your day, you have to take the #MondayFunDay challenge. As you may have already felt, it is about celebrating mondays with funny pictures. Yes, it is a bit difficult to get into the march at the beginning of the week, but that is what makes this challenge so different: sarcastically.


As the name itself makes it crystal clear, #floralfridaycompetition It’s about flowers. So if you like to capture flower pictures or beautiful flower-whipped gardens this might be the right challenge for you. Initially, it started as a weekly prize competition. But when it became a bit difficult to manage many competitors, Emily Quinton (the creator of the challenge) had to eliminate the prizes. To have the opportunity to participate in this challenge, simply share a floral image on Instagram a Friday with the tag #floralfridaycompetition.


Upper part Instagram Challenges you must do

Now that you have the most popular Instagram challenges at hand, choose the ones that appeal to your taste. Remember, they are all designed to provide fun, while enhancing your engagement. If your photo / clip is unique, there is a high probability that it will go viral on the social media platform. By the way, what is your favorite Insta challenge and why? Turn off the sound below in the comments.

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