2 Ways to Read Comics Online for Free Using an Android Phone

How to read comics online for free? It is very easy to read comics or manga online. You don’t need to prepare in a certain way because the most important thing is that you have an internet connection and know what comics you are going to read.

You can also download an app to read comics. So, you no longer need to visit certain sites because you can read them directly through the application.

Compared to the old days, reading comics has to cost money first. You have to buy the comics and then you can read them. For people who have money, buying comics is not a problem. However, for those whose financial condition is not good, it will be difficult if every time they want to read a comic they have to buy the comic.

How to Read Manga Comics Online

Unlike now where we can read comics anytime and anywhere without having to buy them. Those who like to read comics or manga (as Japanese comics are called) will definitely be very happy. They don’t always have to spend money to enjoy all the manga they want. Here’s how to read manga comics online easily.

A. Using the BacaKomik Application

1. You need to download an online comic reading application called ReadComic.

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Read Comics Online Free 1

2. After that, you open the application. The main view of the application is like this. choose Skip.

How to Read Manga Comics Online

3. Select the comic or manga you want. You can also search for the comic you want in the search field. Here I choose One Piece.

Read Comics Online Free 3

4. Select Chapter how much do you want.

Read Comics Online Free 4

5. Happy reading comics that you like.

How to Read Manga Comics Online for Free

B. Through the Komiku.co.id website

1. Open the browser then visit the website Komiku.co.id. Select which comic you want to read, or you can also search for it in the search box.

Read Comics Online Free 6

2. You can also download the comic chapter as a PDF file.

Read Comics Online Free 7

3. Scroll down a bit to read the comics online. Happy reading!

How to Read Manga Comics Online

Benefits of Reading Comics

Can reading comics provide benefits? Of course. Even though it’s just entertainment, it turns out that comics can bring benefits to the readers.

1. Filling Free Time

Comics are one of the best ways to pass the time. Everyone has their own free time and has their own way of spending their free time. Reading manga can be an option that you can choose. Instead of filling your free time with useless things, it’s better to fill it with reading your favorite comics.

2. Improve Memory Ability

Not infrequently people who read comics remember the storyline even though it happened for years. You may still remember the story Doraemon which is about 10 years old. This is not a coincidence because in fact your brain has already recorded everything you see and read. It’s not impossible, you remember all the storylines from the various comics you read if you really have a hobby of reading comics.

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3. Improve Imagination

Every comic has a good and interesting picture. Even though it’s still not colored, you can still imagine what the storyline will be like. In addition, those who like to read comics can also start thinking about what the continuation of the comic story will be like.

4. Adding Insights

For those of you who have a hobby of reading all kinds of things, manga is one way to broaden your horizons. When you’ve read various popular and most read manga, you can immediately connect when there are people talking about a certain manga title. Maybe they are even amazed if you really memorize the storyline or have read other manga comic titles that are no less popular.

That’s how to read manga comics online easily. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and easy to understand. Good luck!

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