2K Arri Alexa Faces Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Smartphone cameras have made tremendous progress in the intervening years, both on the photo and video side. In fact, we also know that some well-established camera manufacturers could not stand the competition and closed their shutters for this reason. So, does the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which can record 8K video, stand a chance against Arri Alexa, which records 2K video?

German camera manufacturer Arrideveloped by the film industry 2K Arri Alexacaused a revolution in filmmaking. First introduced in April 2010, the 35mm Alexa was the first digital camera to make the laborious, lengthy and expensive filming process that many major Hollywood filmmakers complained about much more effectively.

As you know, smartphone cameras have been the scene of fierce competition in recent years than ever before. In time, the little thing in our pocket to DSLR cameras transforming phones enable even ordinary users to capture professional-grade frames. For example; It has a 108MP main camera with 100x digital zoom support. Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraIt can record video in 8K/30FPS resolution.

A talented director and photographer Gene Nagata or Potato Jet as it is known, to see how good 8K video recording smartphones are and whether the 10-year-old Arri Alexa is still competitive today. Galaxy S20 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and Arri put Alexa to the benchmark.

The test shows how bad the tiny sensors in smartphone cameras are. 8K video emanating from a smartphone, emanating from a true cine camera 2K images not as impressive. The reason is that the small pixels on the phone cannot capture the detail. Nagata, 10-year-old on the market today Arri AlexaIt’s worth noting that it’s not a smartphone with dynamic range.

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That said, it’s impressive that smartphone cameras have gotten so good over the last few years (even if a lot of it is computational). Although 8K resolution is considered unnecessary by many, especially for a smartphone, it can provide you with magnificent images with the support of video editing programs.

Arri Alexa vs Samsung S20 Ultra & Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Source : https://www.diyphotography.net/10-year-old-2k-cine-camera-goes-up-against-8k-smartphone-camera-in-this-side-by-side-comparison/

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