4 Best Tools to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Outlook Storage

We teach you tools online, offline and one probably already installed on your machine; Learn How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Outlook Storage

What do we do if a format of the Outlook in the last package of the Microsoft 365 stopped working? There is a risk of losing all data and your saved contacts. We can say that, no matter what your beliefs, the problem is unlikely to be found. However, whether due to viruses or system problems, the solution to fix corrupted storage of the Microsoft Outlook it needs to be found as soon as possible.

It all depends on the location of the physical storage, whether it is on the PC or on an external server. O Outlook supports all email protocols, which is beneficial to its users. Many are thinking about the option of storing the data (letterbox) inside the local machine, which perhaps means that you are at risk if something happens – and you will need to solve it yourself.

Even with the regular subscription to Microsoft 365, almost nothing from the company will help you fix corrupted Microsoft Outlook storage. What can really help? Recovery Toolbox for Outlook and some more free solutions. Below, we tell you how to solve this problem in four very simple ways.

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How to fix the problem if there is backup of Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook stores your email files with the extension OST and PST – this second, with offline data. You can use the tools of the Windows to fix corrupted Microsoft Outlook storage. First go to your Account information and go to Account Settings.

Then open the data files:

Click on the button To remove to delete the old file you find, then click Add to enter a new one, following the other suggested options accordingly. But what if there is no backup?

How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Outlook Storage Without Backup?

There is an application included in the standard Microsoft 365 package, which is specifically used in this scenario of restoring a bad email. Before anything else you need the ScanPST.exe, which corresponds to the inbox restorer. Inside the Microsoft package it’s pretty easy to find – otherwise, type “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficerootOffice19” in the File Explorer.

Open the app click on Search…, then choose a PST format file from your disk (within the properties of the Outlook or in researching the Windows). Click on the box “Back up scanned file before repairing” and proceed by pressing Start. Wait for the progress to finish and finally go to To repair.

Keep an eye out to see if everything went as planned, as there are high chances that the Inbox Repair Tool will fix corrupted Microsoft Outlook storage. If it doesn’t work, rest assured: there are two other options.

How to use Recovery Toolbox for Outlook (offline)?

The software is specifically made to fix corrupted Microsoft Outlook storage, so it works with both PST and OST files (different from the above), besides allowing to open files with encryption or password protection. To make it work, just follow the steps:

  • Download the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook on the company’s website
  • Install the tool (only on Windows)
  • Start the software
  • Choose a problem letterbox, either PST or OST (compatible formats) by searching within the Windows
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  • Choose the Recovery Mode and confirm the start of the process
  • See the preview of the process
  • Choose where to save output files
  • Choose option Save as PST file and click on To save, at the base of the window

After that, the program will prepare a new PST file to be opened quietly in any version of Microsoft Outlook. Ready! Have you managed to fix corrupted Microsoft Outlook storage? Remember: the tool is not free, so it should only be chosen if the others didn’t help. After the preview, you must choose if you really want to recover and then he requests payment. If the money is short, you can try one more option.

How to use Recovery Toolbox for Outlook (online)?

There is a great way to save money when fixing corrupted Microsoft Outlook storage. For this to work, go to the Recovery Toolbox website to make the process faster. For this to work, however, you need to upload a file. There is no breach of confidentiality by the company, so rest assured that your data will be secure.

If you want this method, just go to the website and:

  • Upload a letterbox in PST format
  • Enter the requested data
  • Pay for recovery (equivalent mailbox size and value)
  • Rebuild your Outlook

Whichever option best fits your situation, focus primarily on checking out the free options before you need to afford a third-party software to do this. Otherwise, the paid choice may be your last (or even only!) way to recover your Outlook successfully. The best thing is that the program shows you a preview, both online and offline, of what you’ll retrieve before you need to reach into your pocket.

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