5 Best Apps to organize Tasks on iPhone

Are the best task list applications for iPhone With which you can organize personal, school or teamwork tasks.

Create to-do list according to your need by adding reminders, notes, files, due dates, priorities and much more.

Todoist: Best Task List Apps for iPhone

It takes task management to another level of productivity without taking much time.

  • While writing a new task, Todoist will assign the date, priority, project, labels, etc. According to the language you will learn later.
  • Add cloud files to your notes: Google drive and Dropbox or upload files, photos and audio directly.
  • Create List of Taeras to complete with other people.
  • Organize task views by date, labels, projects or combined.
  • Add notes by sending a specific email that later becomes a task.
  • Synchronize the dates of your notes with your favorite calendar.
  • Available for all operating systems for free and paid version ($ 3USD / Month) that unlocks some features.

Things: Manage personal tasks

5 Best Apps to organize Tasks on iPhone 5

  • Task view for today, scheduled, at any time and some day.
  • View calendar events in the same task view.
  • Add notes, checklist, labels, priorities and reminders to the notes.
  • Elegant project organization with subheadings and subprojects.
  • + (Magicplus) button create tasks quickly and Optimally integrated search engine.
  • App for: iOS, Watch OS and Mac OS.
  • Price: One payment for each device (From $ 19.9USD)
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Microsoft To-Do: Complete Task Manager

5 Best Apps to organize Tasks on iPhone 6

It has greatly improved its interface and functions to manage tasks optimally with some interesting functions.

  • Organize tasks by lists or see tasks in my day, important, planned and assigned by me.
  • Add details to tasks such as Subtasks, Reminders, Images, files up to 25MB and notes.
  • Add tasks from Outlook mail.
  • Free version for iPadOS, iPhone, Android, Web and Windows.

Google Tasks: Synchronization with email and Calendar

5 Best Apps to organize Tasks on iPhone 7

It is ideal for daily tasks such as reminders on multiple devices: Android, iOS, iPadOS and Web.

  • Add tasks from the Gmail web interface.
  • Add notes, Subtasks, due dates to each task.
  • Create task list.
  • Create tasks easily with the Google Assistant.
  • Completely free.

Reminders: Task List of Apple

5 Best Apps to organize Tasks on iPhone 8

With the iOS version 13 the reminders application of Apple It was completely renovated with new features.

  • If you have other devices Apple, you will enjoy its synchronization and optimization for WatchOS 6, iPadOS, MacOS Catalina.
  • Create custom list with colors and icons that represent the theme or subject of the tasks.
  • Create reminders based on date / time and location.
  • Add Images, subtasks, priority and indicators.
  • View and add notes from Widgets and Siri.

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