5 keys to sell iPhone without losing money

Always prioritize sales to people

There are many stores that give you money for your iPhone, and that is probably a good option too. They are interesting in that they can be sold instantly, securely and almost instantly for money. Though if you are in no hurry , we advise you to always try to sell between people as you tend to make more money.

In this sense, it is recommended to use all possible routes. You announce it on social media, friends and family through messaging apps and specialized apps like Vibbo or Wallapop. Of course, try to ensure that everyone has the same information and, above all, the same price, so as not to cause distrust.

5 keys to sell iPhone without losing money 2

Take a close look at your competitors

The fact that iPhones are very popular phones is a positive selling point because there will always be interested buyers, but this is also a problem as many other people will be selling theirs. That’s why it’s important to look at what phones are on sale and at what prices before you do anything.

Ideally, you should establish a competitive price that’s below average, but not too much. This will make you more attractive to customers and won’t give up your phone. How much you should reduce it is what you should already calculate, but first, taking as an example that they are selling for 500 euros, we think that it is enough to put 450-475 euros. Always try to be round numbers

Don’t be afraid to bargain

Nobody wants to pay more and can pay less. But neither potential buyers, nor ourselves, when we are in such a situation. It is clear that someone wants to revise the price, but if you really have no urgency to sell it, we advise you to set stationary position.

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We know there are very big buyers. And they will try to bargain with you even if you say no fifty times. Second, give them up completely because they don’t seem to say much about finally becoming buyers.

Sell ​​your iPhone to a buyer

As stated above, if your iPhone is in good condition and you believe the price you have set is fair, do not prove otherwise. And even if the device has a scratch or something similar, take mercy over the flag and not hide the damage.

Make sure the device is worth the price, add attractive photos that make it look good, and try to provide as much data as possible if asked to do so. Of course, always associated with the device, avoiding providing more sensitive data related to you or payment methods.

iPhone X new

If it smells like a scam, be suspicious

Everlasting doubt about buying and selling on the Internet. “Are they trying to trick me?” This is not easy to spot, and although we have some tips in the article we referenced in the first section, at the end of the day, the main one is to use common sense.

If they ask you for bank details, want you to send them the device first, the language they use is unnatural, or they urge you to send it ahead of time, run away. The best thing prioritize sales personally both in order to gain the trust of buyers and to ensure that the buyer of the device pays you locally.

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