5 practical accessories you should buy with an iPhone

Are we not all guilty? Apple sweetie? I mean, could there be a better phone company out there that could provide you with that quality? Apple may? Maybe that’s why Apple It has a loyal fan base. In addition to good quality, Apple providing its customers with excellent customer support, consistency and improvement of new products over time. Let’s see 5 The useful accessories you must buy to use with your iPhone are incredible.

1. USB-C and Lightning flash drive

Our first item on the list is something completely new: iKlips C USB-C and flash drive. You can use this tool to share data between various devices. This new gadget will launch on December 10 of this year. This is the first MFi certified USB-C and Lightning flash drive that guarantees high quality. Plus, iKlips C is compatible with the iOS files app so you can explore data and edit files just by plugging in a portable device. These drives come in two sizes: 128GB AND 256GB.

2. Wireless phone chargers

Wires and cables can be very troublesome, but they don’t have to be this way. With an iPhone, you can buy a wireless charger and charge your phone wirelessly. This is an accessory that you will not like without you buying it. This charger has a smooth and elegant appearance and its surface works as a charging pad. All you need to do is put your phone in the cradle and stand for voila. The charger is available in a variety of colors including black, white and pink. We recommend that you purchase a wireless charger that can charge both Apple phone and watch: life is not easier than this.

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3. Apple Watch

Than Apple Watches are an important hobby and have been the center of attention since it was first introduced to the market. One of the best things about Apple look is that it runs on any screen; No matter what you wear, your watch will match perfectly. However, this smart watch has a number of apps to choose from that make it ideal for those who want to follow in their footsteps and hours of sleep. The battery can also last up to 18 an hour. If that’s not enough, the watch also has decent memory, Bluetooth, and GPS. Are we not very lucky to be born in the 21st century?

4. AirPods

Who can imagine having a phone and not needing headphones to use it? Unlike your regular headphones, AirPods come with many great features, like the auto pause function when AirPods are removed. Some other cool features include ease of use with an Android device, cool voice commands like ‘skip to the next song’, and the ability to ask about battery life. These certainly aren’t your average headphones. Go to the store now and make your purchase.

5. Apple Cellphone protector

The phone case helps protect fragile electronic components inside the phone. A Apple The phone can cost over $ 1000, which is a good reason why you should keep this cell phone safe and well protected. So, if you can invest over a million dollars in a great iPhone, why not spend a little more and buy cash? We recommend that you buy the case made by Apple the company itself; You know that Apple The company is very promising, so whatever they do will be full of quality and guarantee the best experience.

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