5 VLC features to improve picture and sound quality

In a universal environment, all these software solutions in most cases help us a lot. But in these lines we will focus on one of the most common uses, we mean multimedia players. As you already know, these programs mainly help us to play all kinds of audio and video files. It is true that for one of the two types there are specific ones, but the usual ones are universal.

5 VLC features to improve

Well, if there is a proposal that tops the list as one of the most used and famous in the world, then this is VLC … And there are programs of this type, more complete than others, it all depends on what they offer us inside. In this sense, the aforementioned VLC media player is one of the most complete we are going to find. In addition to this, we can add its huge compatibility with file formats , its stability, multiplatformity, etc. But at the same time, we must admit that it has several useful features, more noticeable than others.

This is why we’ll now talk about some of these slightly more hidden characteristics, but it will help us improve both the audio and video content played here.

VLC has its own equalizer

Whether we are talking about video or audio, sound as such is a key element, therefore adaptation and improvement of its quality is very important. For this we can use the built-in VLC equalizer. We can access it from the Tools / Filter and Effects menu and in balance we find the tab.

ecualizador vlc

Several of them are already predefined in the program, or we can change the settings to create our own EQ mode.

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Audio Filters

Continuing the audio section, say that program in one window offers us a large number of functions with which we can improve this. To do this, we only need to go to the “Tools / Options” menu, where at the bottom we activate “All”. In the list on the left we find Audio / Recording Filters which we click on.

At this point, on the right pane, we will see the parameters that allow us to normalize the volume, expand the stereo effect, activate the parametric equalizer, etc. This way, we can check what interests us most in each case.

filterros audio vlc

Set audio gain

It should be noted that in the same section, before clicking on Filters , we just need to go to the Audio section, we also have the opportunity to improve this. Specifically, we can enforce digital support, adjust the gain, or set the default output mode.

Use video filters

How could it be otherwise, VLC also offers us some improvement when it comes to videos. In fact, just like with sound, we have a wide filter section that allows us to adapt the image to our preferred viewing mode. To do this, in the Tools / Preferences menu, where we have already activated everything, go to Video / Filters.

Thus, in the right pane, we see options for adding sepia tone, blurry video, such as wave or VHS. This helps us to give it a different look, but to improve it we can detect edges, if any, eliminate flicker, detect image more etc.

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Image settings

It may also happen that, depending on the type of screen, we need to fix some more basic aspects of the video. Here we mean parameters for example, hue, brightness, contrast, or saturation. All of this can be found in the Tools / Effects and Filters / Video Effects menu.

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