50% more L3 and AVX-512 cache

New leaks came around the processor Intel Tiger Lake, especially in its variants for portable devices with low consumption, Lake Tiger-U, where unknown CPUs have been leaked, in the form of engineering samples, which will offer configuration 4 core and 8 thread processing under microarchitecture Willow Creek for the manufacturing process 10nm, and that will reach the Base / Turbo frequency from 1, 00/3, 40 GHz along with integrated graphics with architecture Gen12just like the Intel Xe GPU.

One of the most interesting points is that, relative to its predecessors, cache level 3 will be improved (L3) 50 percent, and this translates to 8 MB becomes 12MB L3 cache. Also, this processor will be compatible with AVX-512 Instruction Set like Sunny Cove, although it remains to be seen how Intel solves the problems related to increasing cache memory, because there is more cache available, further increase in latencyTherefore, some adjustments under the hood are expected to avoid damaging this warranty.

To get an idea, the Tiger Lake-U CPU was recently leaked Core Willow Cove @ 360 GHz including benchmark user score benchmarking software 146 points in front 140 Core i7-8700K @ 450 GHz pointsand don’t stay away from 154 points thrown by Core i9-9900K @ 4.95 GHz. Not everything can be that good, and with good reason Tiger Lake may arrive in mid to late 2020.

via: Tom Hardware

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