7 features and improvements of Mi Band 5 over Mi Band 4

The new Mi Band 5, Xiaomi’s smart bracelet, is expected to be announced on June 11th. But in recent days, the manufacturer has given some clues about the device. And besides, the new Mi Band can even be ordered from the Gearbest store.

According to the pre-order ad in the store, the Chinese version of the Mi Band costs about R$219 (US$39.99), while the global one costs about R$236 (US$42.99). Here to Brazil, the estimated shipping time is 25 to 60 business days from August 3rd.

As released by Xiaomi this Tuesday (9), the new Mi Band 5 has seven major highlights and news in relation to Mi Band 4. Some of the changes had already been addressed in rumors and leaks, but now it’s all official.

Mi Band 5 features wireless charging, larger screen than the previous model, updated health monitoring sensors, up to 14 days battery life and more.

1. Larger screen

One of the highlights of the new Mi Band 5 is its 20% larger screen. Now it has 1.2 inches, against 0.95 inches for the Mi Band 4. AMOLED technology should also remain in the new generation.

2. Magnetic charging

A welcome change for the new Mi Band 5 is the two-pin magnetic charging. Thus, the user does not need to remove the accessory from the bracelet for charging. In the images released by Xiaomi, you can see that the accessory has a rounded shape and connects right below the heartbeat sensor.

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3. NFC (Unionpay Quickpass)

Mi Band 4 is NFC enabled only for the Chinese market, using the Mi Pay service. However, the new Mi Band 5 comes with NFC enabled (UnionPay and QuickPass) for payments. It is unclear at this time whether the company will enable the feature globally at launch.

Anyway, Gearbest’s presale page indicates that the global version also has NFC capability.

4. Camera trigger

This isn’t exactly big news. But, the Mi Band 5 can be used as a trigger for the smartphone camera. So you can leave your smartphone in a corner and use your wristband to take the photo.

So far, the manufacturer has not shown whether there will be a preview of the camera on the strap or just the shutter button.

5. Improved professional sensors

Xiaomi cites that “professional sensors” have received improvements, such as “an improved version of the chip and more precision in health monitoring.”

It is estimated that the accessory has an SpO2 (oxygen saturation) sensor, present in smart watches from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and others. A rumor also mentions that it will be able to measure the user’s level of stress and respiratory activity.

6. 11 professional sports modes

Currently, Mi Band 4 features six different training modes. In Mi Band 5, Xiaomi included 11 sports modes. Although it didn’t show all of them, the images show exercises like rowing, yoga and jumping rope.

7. New resources for women’s health

Another new feature of Mi Band 5 is the support for new features aimed at women’s health. The manufacturer has not detailed the function, so far. But, some models of smart watches come with monitoring of the menstrual cycle. It could be that the Mi Band 5 too.

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