7 Tips for taking more interesting travel photos with your iPhone

How do you take more interesting travel photos with your iPhone? How do you avoid taking the same cliche vacation photos that other people take? I recently interviewed Steffen Geldner, a talented iPhone photographer passionate about travel. In this article, Steffen revealed 7 tips for photographing beautiful travel photos that will keep the beautiful memories of your trip. Read on to learn how to take better travel photos with your iPhone!

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1. Research your purpose to find the best photo opportunities

Before your trip, I suggest researching the destination to find the most interesting photo opportunities.

I always research the location of my travel destination. I do this extensively and obsessively!

It is up to you how much research you do. But you have to spend time looking for a good place to take photos.

So what kind of research can you do?

First, you can search for photos taken by other people in the place you want to visit.

Search in Instagram or Google to find out what kinds of photos people take there.

 travel photo

What photo caught your attention?

Find out where these places are. And then add it to the list of places to visit while on vacation.

 travel photo

You can also use Google to search for specific things in the area you visit.

For example, you can search for the most remote beaches, the most unique architecture, the most beautiful train stations, the highest views to take photos, etc.

 travel photo

You can even use Google Maps to find a place to take photos.

Use the aerial satellite view to “fly” over the city. Look for interesting features that can be well photographed from the ground.

 travel photo

Or use a street view to “walk” around the city, looking for beautiful architecture or colorful walls.

 travel photo

Research the best time to visit. Check the sunrise and sunset times so you can take photos during the beautiful golden light.

And find out when the location will be quiet or empty so you don’t shoot in the crowd.

 travel photo

A little research will give you an initial advantage when you reach your destination.

You will know the best location, the best time to visit and the most interesting point of view to take pictures.

 travel photo

Of course, the spontaneous travel photos are amazing … and I took many of them. But some photos require a little planning.

This may seem like an extra effort, but the results will surely be in vain!

 travel photo

Read on to learn how to take great vacation photos as soon as your trip begins…

2. Capture your journey to tell your complete journey story

Travel photography is not just about photographing destinations.

For a more complete photographic history, record your journey to and from the place you are visiting.

If you’re flying, try to get a window seat where you can see wings or propellers.

 travel photo

And of course, you can capture beautiful views of clouds, mountains, or city lights when you fly.

Your trip will often involve various types of transportation. And they all offer amazing photo opportunities.

Whether you are traveling by car, taxi, bus, train, boat, or plane, try taking some interesting photos.

 travel photo

For example, you can take photos outside, using the window to frame the scene.

Look for interesting features in the vehicle. It can be as simple as a colorful chair, or the way lights and shadows fall.

 travel photo

You can take candid photos of strangers traveling with you.

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And don’t forget to take photos of your travel companions too.

 travel photo

Try to capture your mood. If you travel alone, you tend to be in a good mood. So taking photos from the train window will help convey that mood.

If you like to go somewhere with family or friends, try to capture the energy in your photos.

 travel photo

Finally, don’t forget to take photos of the buildings you pass while traveling.

The train station can be ideal for photographing. If I take the train, I often go early to take photos of the station.

 travel photo

Of course, I will investigate the train station that I will pass. Then I will know what kind of photos I can take!

Take photos of the station name and road signs too. This will be a good reminder of the places you’ve been through.

 travel photo

3. Take photos of your trip during the beautiful light of the golden hour

Light makes a big difference in the quality of your photos.

The same location can look very different depending on when you’re shooting.

For the most beautiful light, take photos during the golden hours around sunrise and sunset.

 travel photo

When the sun is low in the sky, the light is soft and warm. It cast an amazing golden light on the scene. And this will look amazing in your travel photos!

This is especially true if you are taking landscape photos.

In the middle of the day, it can be difficult to capture deep feelings in the landscape. But the soft, warm light from the golden clock makes it easy to take stunning views of the scene.

 travel photo

It is a good idea to take multiple photos with different lighting settings to achieve the best results. To adjust the exposure, touch the screen to adjust the focus, then slide up or down to adjust the exposure.

I think sunrise is usually a better time to shoot than sunset.

I prefer the quality of the morning light. When the sun goes down, the light can be a little blurry. And there will also be more people around at sunset.

If you get up early, you can capture your location in perfect lighting with almost no one around.

 travel photo

Sunrise and sunset are also a good time to take silhouette photos.

To make a silhouette, shoot into the light. Touch to adjust the focus on your subject, then slide down to darken the exposure. The subject will appear as a black shadow towards a brighter sky.

The gold watch is perfect for photographing landscapes. But this is also the right time for city photography.

If you are traveling to an urban location, be sure to explore the city at sunrise or sunset.

 travel photo

Watch the golden light hit the streets and buildings.

Find a high vantage point and capture the sunlight that illuminates the city.

The golden light of sunrise and sunset adds magical quality to your travel photos. So whenever possible, shoot during these times of the day.

travel photos

You don’t have to get up early every day. You’re on vacation after all!

But if you want to capture a location in the best possible light, you can’t beat a beautiful sunrise.

4. Include people on your iPhone Travel photography

Whenever possible, try to include a person in your travel photos.

Why There are several reasons!

A person creates a strong focal point in their image.

travel photos

In other words, add a visual point of interest between the surroundings or the background.

A person also gives meaning to the image. Create a short story of a very specific moment during your travels.

travel photos

You could experiment with including one person and a multitude of people.

Crowds can add a sense of movement, energy, or tension to your travel photos.

travel photos

I generally prefer to wait for only one person to be on the scene.

A single person creates a strong focal point. And I like the mood it creates.

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travel photos

Walking person photos are a great way to capture a single person in your travel photos.

You often have to be patient to capture these types of vaccines. So have a coffee, sit there and wait for someone interesting to come by.

travel photos

Waiting for that perfect moment will distinguish your travel photos from other tourist shots in the same place.

When photographing people, you can take close-ups to capture details and emotions. Or you can shoot from further away to make them appear smaller in the surroundings.

Making the person look small in the frame adds a sense of size and scale.

travel photos

It will often capture the best photos of people far from major tourist destinations.

Have someone show you where the locals go. And then wait for interesting moments and interactions.

travel photos

Another technique is to take photos of tourists while looking at a beautiful view.

The person will create a more interesting story than just the view itself.

travel photos

There will be plenty of strangers for you to photograph when you are traveling. But don’t forget to also include your travel companions.

You want to keep the memories of being on vacation with your friends or family.

travel photos

Finally, you can also include yourself in the scene.

Just set up your phone on a small iPhone tripod (or on any stable surface). Then use a remote shutter or the camera’s self-timer to capture yourself in the photo.

5. Find an interesting perspective for eye-catching compositions

If you want to learn how to take better travel photos, you must experiment with different angles and points of view.

This is what will set your iPhone travel photography apart from typical tourist snapshots.

travel photos

When you find a scene you like to photograph, don’t just shoot from the most obvious angle.

Explore the scene. Find an angle or point of view that is more unusual. This is what will make your photo more interesting and unique.

travel photos

Try many different angles until you find something that works.

Wherever I go, my first stop is always to reach the highest point in the city.

Try to find a high point of view that allows you to shoot down the scene. It could be a tower, a bridge, a tall building, or a mountain.

travel photos

A high point of view is ideal for capturing long main lines, such as roads or rivers, that lead into the distance.

Then try shooting from a low angle. Keep your iPhone close to the ground and point it at a tall subject, such as a building.

travel photos

Try shooting through something to create additional layers in your composition.

You can use a window or hole in a fence as a frame.

travel photos

Explore the interior of the buildings. And capture the view from the outside from the inside.

travel photos

My favorite technique is to look for symmetry. Symmetrical scenes allow you to create a really strong composition.

travel photos

Symmetry instantly distinguishes your photo from normal tourist photos. It shows that you have carefully planned the composition to create the most striking image.

Buildings and architecture are great places to find symmetry. They often have strong lines that can be used to help you create perfectly symmetrical compositions.

travel photos

Another thing to consider is whether the scene would look better with a wide angle or a telephoto lens.

I love wearing Moment Wide and Telephoto lenses while traveling.

The wide lens is ideal for architectural shots. It allows you to capture much more of the building in the frame.

travel photos

And the telephoto lens is ideal for landscape photos. You can get a closer look at a distant scene, removing any distracting close-ups.

travel photos

Of course, if you have an iPhone with multiple built-in lenses, you can zoom in or out on the Camera app.

Just touch the zoom icon at the bottom of the viewfinder to switch between iPhone lenses.

travel photos

The new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max have three lenses: wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto.

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The lens you choose will dramatically affect what you can include and exclude from the composition.

travel photos

Knowing how to take travel photos that stand out from the crowd is about finding the most interesting point of view.

So here is another great tip for capturing unique perspectives on your iPhone travel photos …

6. Use reflections to capture a more unique point of view

Reflections offer an amazing way to capture the scene from an interesting perspective.

A reflection can turn a very ordinary scene into something much more interesting.

travel photos

I often carry a small mirror with me when I travel.

By placing a mirror within the scene, you can capture the view in front of and behind you.

travel photos

The reflection in the mirror will add a strong focal point to your image.

Instead of holding the mirror, it is often easier to leave it, for example, on the sand.

travel photos

If you are traveling with a friend, you can ask him to hold the mirror while capturing an interesting reflection in it.

travel photos

Using a mirror in this way is a great way to create an illusion in your photo.

It makes the image confusing … which is good as it makes it more intriguing.

travel photos

However, mirrors are not the only place to find reflections.

Puddles are perfect for reflective photography. You can do a lot with a small puddle on the street.

travel photos

After the rain, look for reflections in the puddles. Down super low. And hold your iPhone upside down to bring the lens closer to the water.

Cities are great places to find reflections.

travel photos

Once you start searching, you will notice reflections in windows, metal buildings, polished floors, and other shiny surfaces.

travel photos

Reflections are a great way to create symmetry, especially when photographing architecture.

travel photos

If you are filming in the city, look for reflections in windows At sunrise and sunset.

travel photos

You can even take a self-portrait by capturing your own reflection.

7. Get creative with accessories and perspective tricks

Creating more unique travel photos can take a little imagination.

Here are some fun ways to get more creative with your iPhone travel photography!

An easy way to start is to use some kind of accessory on your photo.

travel photos

You have seen that a small mirror can add an intriguing focal point to your image. But think of other small items that you can take on your trips and include in your photos.

I love to take a toy plane with me when I travel.

travel photos

I have created a series of images with this little accessory.

travel photos

I find an interesting building or famous landmark (I usually research this before my travels). Then I have someone else hold the plane while I lie on the ground and take the picture.

travel photos

Another fun technique is to use perspective tricks.

Find a beautiful landscape or an interesting urban location. Have a friend stand in the distance to make it look small within the scene.

travel photos

Then include your own hand (or another friend’s) in the foreground. Position your hand to make it look like you are picking up a small person.

travel photos

Another trick is to tilt the camera at an angle when shooting. In the photo below, the buildings are not really leaning to one side.

travel photos

The buildings are built on a steep hill. But tilting my iPhone’s camera so that the hill looks level makes buildings seem sloped.

A simple prop or perspective trick can add a fun or confusing element to a photo.

And when you’re in a place that tourists photograph a lot, this is one way to make your photo stand out.

travel photos

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