8 metroidvania-style games for PC and consoles

In recent years, independent games have earned a special place at the heart of the gaming community, even competing with the highest AAAs on the market and taking out many acclaimed titles. Among them, one of the categories that stood out the most was the metroidvania subgenre of games, which practically rekindled the indie flame in the scenario and totally renewed the limitations of the classics by bringing complex systems, rich maps, satisfying difficulty and styles for all types of audiences.

Check out some of the main metroidvania-style games released in recent years for consoles and PC and find out why they are so loved by fans.

Dead Cells

In Dead Cells, the player assumes the role of an incarnate homunculus, who must travel through countless scenarios on an island to discover the mysteries of The Plague. The game brings classic mechanics from metroidvania roguelite games, where the character goes through random and non-linear scenarios every time he dies, collecting new weapons, abilities and improvements through difficult combats and unpredictable obstacles.

Ori and the Blind Forest

One of the most beautiful games of the last decade, Ori and the Blind Forest, from Moon Studios, brought an exciting adventure about friendship and redemption, featuring impressive graphics and effects, fluid gameplay and a map connection system worthy of the big AAAs on the market. Under the command of a forest spirit, the player must acquire skills, explore scenarios, defeat enemies and cross challenging obstacles.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Considered spiritual successor to the series Castlevania, bloodstained It has everything that fans of the franchise are looking for: labyrinthine environments with platforms, enemies of all sizes and from all directions, various weapons and equipment and an RPG system combined with side-scrolling action. Play as the alchemist Mirian and discover the secrets of a huge castle dominated by dark forces as you try to save humanity.

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With punitive difficulty and exploration-oriented game systems, the franchise La-Mulana brings the ultimate ruined treasure hunting experience, now with retro graphics and adaptive gameplay. In La-Mulana, a place known as the cradle of civilization, you’ll have to avoid traps, ancestral beings and all sorts of mystery, progressively entering the depths and facing threats that promise to frustrate you at every step.


Guacamelee! is an action and platform game, in metroidvania style, which has as its theme the Mexican culture of lucha libre. Critically acclaimed, the game features fantastic artistic visuals, robust and varied combat system, a diverse world with every imaginable scenario, many bosses and the possibility to be played in cooperative mode, with clothing options for players and customization. for all tastes.

Salt and Sanctuary

Soulslike or metroidvania? Salt and Sanctuary it is neither one nor the other, but the two subgenres. Focused on difficulty, build construction and fighting strategy, the game has everything that fans of difficult games like, but with a unique look, lonely and hostile maps, death and recovery system, diverse movesets for multiple bosses and a lot of brutality , being a complete game with side missions, main and dozens of hours of gameplay.


Strider Hiryu returns in his great canonical game, now in a side-scrolling metroidvania system with fast, dynamic action in an interconnected world. Search for weapons and items, get upgrades and take on the hero’s biggest rivals in epic boss battles, all in 3D graphics with vertical and horizontal exploration, assassination approaches and lots of immersive mechanics.

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Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight was one of the biggest surprises of 2017 and introduced the gamer community to a game that mixes art and fast-moving mechanics. The game features one of the best connected maps of modern metroidvanias and intense challenges at every step, requiring skill, precision and strategy to set the right time to attack and retreat. Furthermore, Hollow Knight brings a mysterious story told by every conversation, item, interaction and discovery, living up to even the soulslike subgenre of storytelling.

What other games deserved to be mentioned here on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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