8 UX design courses for those who want to enter the career

The user experience is decisive for the success of interaction with a system, application and product (whether physical or digital). The UX area, short for User Experience (user experience, in English translation), is concerned with offering the best experience through a set of practices and elements applied in development.

The work of a professional in this area involves aligning with business objectives, creating a product or service that is good for both the company and customers. Thus, UX Design, for example, deals with processes that involve in-depth understanding of users’ needs, as well as their goals, abilities and limitations.

If you want to work in this area, be aware that there are many UX course options available. We have separated some alternatives for you to know and enroll to learn more about this methodology. Check out!

UX Design Course A to Z: All About User Experience

80% off

Learn how to improve user experiences in digital services and products with the UX Design course from A to Z. Watch exclusive content, plan projects and apply your knowledge in practice.

BRL 249.90

Course with a more general approach to the UX area, this is a good knowledge trail option. The course provides the fundamentals to guide students in creating a digital product from scratch, as well as dozens of tools, templates, cases and exclusive interviews to help in the creation process.

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Fast and Practical UX Design Course

30% off

Learn the 60 principles of UX Design in Udemy’s Fast, Hands-On UX Design course. Learn accessibility techniques, UX prototyping, building software with current standards, and more.

BRL 39.90

If you want to quickly experience what UX is, this course is for you. In addition to being fast, this option is also practical, leading the student to build software in current and modern standards of interactive design with users. The focus is on the accessibility techniques taught during the course.

Also worth mentioning is the use of modern tools such as Adobe’s to teach students. In addition, several current techniques for creating user-friendly and functional interfaces are presented during the course.

UX Research Course: A Practical Job Guide

82% off

In UX Research: A Practical Work Guide, learn concepts and types of research, to generate analysis of results and appropriate processes. More about UX Research with the course on Udemy.

BRL 189.90

One of the most important steps for professionals working with UX is research, which involves searching for references and interviewing users. This design course focuses on UX Research, an agile methodology for finding good inspiration for creating user-friendly, useful, and interactive interfaces. Students will learn the research process, the types, the preparation required and finally the methods for analyzing the results.

Application and Website Design Course [UI & UX Design]

30% off

With the Application and Website Design course, learn UI and UX Design concepts to create intuitive and accessible interfaces with Adobe XD.

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BRL 39.90

Focused on creating websites and applications, this UX course accelerates the growth of professionals in the field of interaction design, introducing Adobe XD as the main tool. The student will start taking part in innovative projects, learning important tricks and taking inspiration from the layout of large companies, such as Google, Bootstrap, IONIC and others.

UX & Design Thinking Course: User Experience in Business

67% off

Learn how to create user-centric experiences with the UX Research course. Learn techniques to get to know users better, map journeys, create empathy maps, personas, and more.

BRL 84.90

If you have doubts about what makes a UX Design, this is a good course option. This knowledge trail addresses the way of thinking of those involved in the creation process to improve the user experience, teaching the important steps in designing a clean, functional layout that allows people to use it for the proposed purpose. .

The idea is to use the three pillars of Lean UX on a daily basis, a methodology covered in the course: Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile Development.

Adobe XD Complete Course

86% off

Develop your own projects with Adobe XD. Learn how to use the tool to create quality new interfaces and interactive prototypes.

BRL 204.90

Among the many tools used by UX professionals, Adobe XD is perhaps one of the most used, offering a complete set of tools. This course will help students gain knowledge about this platform, helping them to develop their own interfaces and commercialize this new UX skill.

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Ultimate Adobe XD Course – UI and UX Interaction Design

Create interfaces for applications and websites with Adobe XD in a practical and professional way. Learn more with the Ultimate Adobe XD for UI and UX Design course.

Another course focused on Adobe XD, this time focusing on interface kits. In this knowledge trail, the student will find updated content, also learning to share their projects on the internet and offer responsive layouts for both websites and applications.

UX Research Course: How to Create User-Centric Experiences

67% off

Learn how to create user-centric experiences with the UX Research course. Learn techniques to get to know users better, map journeys, create empathy maps, personas, and more.

BRL 84.90

Creating user-centric experiences is not an easy activity. One of the main steps to achieve this result is the research and interview to understand the needs, pains and main challenges of using a website, system, application or even physical products. This UX Research course will teach students how to go through this important step of creating fluid experiences for users and how to work on the results of this process.

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