80% of IT products and services will be made by professionals from other areas by 2024

According to information disclosed by the consultancy Gartner, 80% of technology services and products will no longer be performed by professionals in the field until 2024. This is due to an upward trend observed by the company, in which a new category of digital agents appears to meet these needs.

Data reveals that the expenses made by corporations add up to 36% of their total budget for the IT area. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the technology made it even easier to insert contractors from other areas, as the contractors’ needs changed according to their demands.

IT products and services arise from business technologists

The study predicts that by 2023, $30 billion in revenue will be generated from new products and services provided by third parties. The main factors responsible for leveraging this forecast are the expansion of service provision through digital means, as well as the optimization and integration of remote work, which tends to remain longer even after the pandemic.

The current crisis has forced buyers to look for other alternatives to re-establish themselves, devising plans that target new needs. In this way, a new nomenclature of contractors emerges: the business technologists (“Business technologists”, in literal translation).

These are the professionals who work between the business innovation strategy and the technology maintenance, as explained Michelle Kubot, marketing director of the private organization JourneyPure, in an interview on the Rasmussen University blog. This new category of employees consists of repairing and improving the weak points of technology within corporations, as they help to enable its use in daily operations.

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Rasmussen University also defines contractors as those responsible for “connecting the dots”, as they are involved in one or more projects of interest to companies and able to deal with software, automation and cybersecurity, for example. In this way, new entrants to the labor market can occupy positions such as “marketing technologist”, “IT project manager”, or even “IT and business analyst”.

Expectations for the coming years for non-tech companies

Although the pandemic has hampered companies’ planning, on the other hand, it has also facilitated the search for solutions in the digital environment. Based on this, non-technology companies, such as those providing retail or financial services, could also benefit from this same trend.

According to Gartner, in the next 12 months, companies that consider these sectors separately will be increasingly presenting technological solutions thanks to the hiring of professionals from different areas, such as a data scientist, and the adoption of their skills to corporate interests. Until the estimate given by the consultancy, the digital transformation in companies should become increasingly reality.

Sources: Gartner | Rasmussen University

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