8X optical zoom camera for smartphones is about to arrive

Huawei has stunned the world by offering a periscope lens that can zoom up to 5X with optical zoom. However, an 8X optical zoom sensor is already being worked on by Taiwanese company Yaguang Electronics Co.

Still, this will not be a normal sensor. The goal is to give us a sensor that can create 6X and 8X optical zoom in one lens only. This without asking the software to do a “crop“to the image. This technology would make smartphones needed fewer lenses and yet offered more possibilities.

New sensor will give more internal space inside the smartphone

The goal of bringing a dual optical zoom sensor is just one. Give more interior space for more technology. Manufacturers have limited space to deliver the best they can. That’s why you have seen the smartphones increasing and the audio inputs disappearing,

This dual-capacity sensor could make one sensor disappear by offering multiple solutions. Still, we must move from paper to reality. Something that is expected to happen next year.

Chambers of smartphones are getting better

We can (and should) argue that smartphones they are far from being able to take a DSLR (or Reflex) in the interest of a photographer. Optical zoom in smartphones It’s funny but can’t compete with the professional cameras. Needless to say, look at the size of both camera lenses.

However, photography us smartphones is increasingly common. You don’t have to carry a case and a giant camera behind your back for quality photographs. The Huawei P30 Pro is an example of this.

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