A green screen of death on your smartphone? This is what some Galaxy S20 seem to suffer from

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra test_cropped_0x0

Several Samsung Galaxy S20 users report serious problems with the screen of their smart phone.

Screens that show signs of weakness, before ” die for no apparent reason.

(Big) screen issues for the Galaxy S20?

For a few weeks now, Samsung’s official forums have been allowing various Galaxy S20 owners to report serious concerns about their smartphones. Indeed, some slabs tend to display green spots, or even scan linesbefore becoming totally unusable.

Indeed, the display defects only get worse over time and the user ends up with a completely white or green screen.

Only one solution: replacing the slab

Obviously, the smartphone then becomes completely unusable, the screen of the latter no longer being able to display the slightest image. Some have obviously taken the initiative to completely reset their smartphone, but without success.

Many users have warned Samsung of this malfunction, but the Korean giant has not yet reacted officially. Difficult at the moment to know precisely what causes this display failure, but it seems that only a complete replacement of the AMOLED panel is able to solve the problem…

According to the official Samsung forums, the panels of the Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra would be the most likely to be affected by this phenomenon. To be continued.

Source : Android Police

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