A guide to understanding how Xbox and PC subscriptions work

If you have an Xbox One, Microsoft’s desktop console, it’s unlikely that you don’t know what Live Gold, a gift card, or even the Game Pass subscription service is. These are terms used a lot within the Xbox “ecosystem” and even PC gamers.

Thinking about buying a console from Microsoft or becoming a respected PC gamer? Not so well acquainted with subscription possibilities? We prepared this article to help you stay on top of this subject.

Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold

Here, it is necessary to make a distinction that many gamers end up confusing. The well-known Xbox Live, in fact, is Microsoft’s online console service that has been around since the first Xbox. Through a free account, players can enjoy a number of benefits, such as downloading promotional titles, creating a profile, tournaments, chat by voice and more.

Within Xbox Live there is a paid subscription mode called Xbox Live Gold. This subscription brings even more benefits to gamers, with an emphasis on “Games with Gold” (also present in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that we’ll explain below).

“Games with Gold” is nothing more than the name given to the act of Microsoft offering, every month, free games to Xbox One and Xbox 360 players. The selection is made by the company itself, and subscriber players can download these games for free.

For those who own a console from Microsoft, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is a great benefit. So it’s worth studying, analyzing the games available to subscribers, and considering joining this Xbox program.

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Xbox Gift Cards

How Microsoft or Xbox gift cards work is not very difficult to understand. It’s just a balance, usually given as a gift, to be used as the owner wants. There are no fees or expiration date, and the card balance can be used to purchase various products and services, such as:

  • Subscriptions like Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • Popular games, apps and add-ons.
  • The latest movies and the best TV shows.
  • Accessories and devices such as Xbox One consoles and controllers.

If you’re interested and want to buy a gift card for a friend (or yourself), take a look at the options listed below.

Game Pass and Ultimate Game Pass

Among all the services and plans offered by Microsoft, Game Pass (especially Ultimate) is the most top among them all. It’s similar to a video game Netflix. It’s a monthly subscription that gives players access to over 100 high-quality games — a constantly growing catalog. In addition, you are also granted access to Xbox Game Studios titles when they are released, as well as member-only discounts and offers.

The plan is basically divided into three categories:

  • the Xbox One-focused console plan;
  • the PC plan with a focus on computers;
  • and the Ultimate plan, which includes console, PC and Xbox Live Gold subscription.

If you are already a Live Gold subscriber, you should seriously consider upgrading to Game Pass Ultimate. This is a great way to enjoy all the benefits (and games) that Microsoft makes available to gamers.

Check out the offers we have separated for you:


So, what did you think of our summary and explanations about Microsoft services, plans and subscriptions for consoles and PCs? Do you think that some information was missing? If yes, share with us in the comments area!

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A guide for you to understand how Xbox and PC subscriptions work via TecMundo

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