A new record was broken with the world’s largest aircraft in wingspan

Billionaire Paul Allenfounded in 2011 by Stratolaunch Take it to a new level with the world’s largest aircraft developed by the company reached.

Stratolaunch The Roc, the world’s largest aircraft in terms of wingspan (117 meters), which has long been studied by 27,000 ft (8,200 meters) ascended to height. The company broke its own record with this height level reached. For those who do not know, the first test flight with this aircraft was made in 2019. Six pieces Boeing 747 Combining the jet engine, the aircraft has a wingspan of 117 meters. When looked at, the plane, which brings two planes together, according to the previously announced data. It can carry 250 tons of cargo.. The aircraft with its own weight of 226 tons, being developed for the purpose of carrying cargo/rocket to low earth orbit. It is aimed to make many space missions cheaper, safer and standard with the aircraft that will carry the cargo in the section located in the middle. For many rockets in the future a mobile take-off platform The biggest plane, which is stated to be, looks really impressive.

By the way Stratolaunch, hypersonic aircraft that will be launched into space under the world’s largest aircraft (Sample photo below) is developing. The company, which carried out key trials on the infrastructure established for this in the last flight test, is at an important point in terms of cheaper access to space.

Not yet commercially available Stratolaunch, seems quite satisfied with the results of the tests with the world’s largest aircraft Roc. The aircraft, which still has a long time in front of it, may mediate the sending of many spacecraft into space in the future.

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