A new rumor indicates that Apple will present a fifth generation iPad mini

A new rumor indicates that Apple will present a fifth generation iPad mini 2

At the end of last year a rumor indicated that Apple could launch a fifth generation iPad mini.

Today another leak claims this, and as before, anticipates that it will not come alone. That is to say, will come with the accompaniment of the renewal of the “standard” iPad of 9.7 inches of 2018.

iPad “entry level”

As learned, General Interface Solution (GIS) and TPK Holding, two Taiwan-based touch panel manufacturers, received new orders from Apple.

They are indicated in them the manufacture of products of “entry level models”, mentioning both tablets indicated above.

GIS would supply 40% of the touch components, while the remaining 60% will be in charge of TPK Holding.

And by aiming to be “entry level” devices hopefully they do not differ too much in terms of design and specifications.

That is, other previous rumors mentioned that those of Cupertino will present a fifth-generation iPad mini with a cheaper display panel and an improved processor.

For its part, regarding the “common” iPad (so to call it somehow), It is still not entirely clear if the organization will provide a 9.7-inch screen as usual… or stretch that display up to 10 inches.

Whatever the final choice, the truth is that there would be no price cut For this type of products. Although good, they are not exactly the most expensive today.


Finally, it remains to say that Apple I would present these two tablets during the first quarter of this year. There are also those who believe that their renewal will come between March and April 2019, although after all it is not a difference of estimates sooo variable and distant. It is even normal that in the world of rumorology the clues do not always fit perfectly.

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