A nice promotion on this mechanical gaming keyboard right now at Amazon

Choose a compact and high-performance mechanical keyboard by opting for the GK61 model available at HK Gaming. This one is currently on sale at Amazon and you can pick it up for just €59.99 instead of €75.17. A good deal for this scale model which does not skimp on efficiency.

HK Gaming GK61 © HK Gaming
  • 61 programmable keys
  • Windows and macOS compatible
  • Comes with a key puller

See the offer on the HK Gaming GK61 at €59.99 at Amazon

Reduced price and keyboard for maximum efficiency

The GK61 keyboard by HK Gaming does not fuss and goes straight to the point. This is why its size is 60% of a normal keyboard: nothing is too much. Thus, it is only 29.2 cm long, 10.29 cm high and 4 cm thick. Its price is just as dreamy: only €55.99.

It is a wired model using USB-C and plugging into USB on your computer, whether it is under Windows or MacOS. Be aware that the cable can be completely detached, which is practical so that it does not get damaged and to be able to transport it more easily.

Detachable and programmable keys

This keyboard is a QWERTY model. But with the key extractor you can iron it in AZERTY in order to use it in a classic way. The change is easy and without damaging the keys if you use the tool provided with it. Note that the keyboard is also backlit in RGB.

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The mechanical keyboard keys have an actuation point of 1.5mm and a response time of 0.2ms. You can order buttons with different switches on the manufacturer’s website to completely customize your keyboard.

Finally, note that it is IP64 certified. This means that it is dust and splash resistant. So you don’t risk damaging it by spilling a little liquid on it. And it’s not too sensitive to dust either.

See the offer on the HK Gaming GK61 at €59.99 at Amazon

Find the best gaming keyboard

There are a multitude of gaming keyboards available on the market. Wired or wireless, mechanical or not, backlit, special for MOBAs or FPS. There are almost as many keyboards as there are ways to play. In order to choose yours sparingly, you can turn to the comparative guide available on Clubic. There you will find the opinion of our experts on the subject with an evolutionary top 3 and a vast selection of gaming keyboards with an undeniable quality/price ratio.

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