A patent shows the appearance of Samsung AR glasses

Augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality … with all these names soon we won’t even know what to call what we have in front of us. The truth is that the difference between the previous three is quite simple, but of all of them the augmented reality and the mixture are those that have more applications for day-to-day people. Many companies already work on their own devices, such as Samsung and its new patent for AR glasses.

The most modern Samsung design

It took several years to see how the augmented reality sector tried to take off with the help of a computer. There is no doubt that the entertainment industry is more attractive to all developers of virtual reality content, but many are looking at AR. In such a way that we can immediately see the models of enlarged real glasses.

For example, we know that Samsung wants to issue its own AR glasses. We know this since the middle of this year and Korea is working hard to have a prototype to present it soon or already in 2020. So much hard work will be appreciated, there is no doubt, but for now we have to bear seeing a new patent for the new glasses. Samsung.

Samsung patent "onload =" lzld (this) "src =" https://tutomoviles.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/1581723006_513_AA-paten-show-display- glasses-Samsung-AR.jpg

Forget about the Gear VR glasses, it is outdated. In the future, users will bring all the data they need before their very eyes. As you can see in the image above, they remember many protective lenses, saving distance. A structure with panels is presented where the user can see what is in front of him and a small screen will play augmented reality content. Just above, at the height of the forehead of two cameras placed from where the glasses can see what is coming to interpret digital objects in reality.

On the other hand, it is interesting that in the patented right foot Samsung’s new AR glasses There is a small bracket where the cable that goes directly to the camera section appears to be running. This could be a method of charging with a cable or a physical connection to a cell phone, which implies an additional battery charge for the terminal but a better connection with all brain operations. More details can’t be improved and everyone is still waiting for more information and details.

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