A prototype of a folding phone that can “unroll” into a tablet is coming up at TCL

TCL foldable smartphone © © Tyler Lizenby/CNET

TCL is currently developing a smart phone not only folding, but also stretchable. A prototype of this bold concept was unveiled at an electronics fair in China.

We see the manufacturer’s project unfold and expand to make way for a smartphone in three-in-one format in the vein of the Fold’n Roll prototype.

A three-in-one smartphone

Folding and extendable smartphones are on the rise and inevitably each manufacturer wants to go with their model. In this frantic race, the Chinese company TCL opted for a concept combining the two formats. This ambitious project was approached during the Chinese show DTC 2021, where visitors were able to have a demonstration of a prototype.

TCL’s folding smartphone would therefore be a three-in-one device that can come in three formats: a classic smartphone, a small square tablet and a 10-inch tablet. Concretely, it can open like a book to give way to an almost square screen, then turn into a tablet thanks to a very discreet button which allows the screen to be deployed on the left. Another pressure on the lower edge of the device allows it to roll up to become a classic smartphone with a 6.8-inch screen.

The prototype still only seems to be in its infancy and it clearly requires a little more work, especially with regard to deployment times, which would be too laborious as it stands. The potential is there, however, it will be necessary to wait for TCL to continue its experiments and refine its project a little more.

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