Acer launches a slew of new laptops including a Swift 3 OLED, below 1000 euros

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True to form, Acer yesterday held its traditional [email protected] spring conference. The opportunity for the brand to renew most of its ranges of laptops…understand that there are novelties everywhere. Here are the models that caught our attention the most.

Acer has unveiled a whole range of new laptops attached to the Swift (for productivity), ConceptD (dedicated to creatives) or even Predator (dedicated to gaming) ranges, to name but a few. Without being exhaustive, here are the four laptops that marked us the most at the end of the [email protected] 2022 conference.

Expected in France in July from 999 euros, the Acer Swift 3 uses OLED display technology to delight us without making the bill soar. By remaining at less than 1,000 euros, the device could strongly compete with certain models from Asus, in particular. We think for example of the new Zenbook 14 OLED, which starts for its part at 1,099 euros… with a less efficient low-power processor.

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Anyway, the Swift 3 OLED relies on a 16:10, 2.8 K 14-inch panel, occupying 92% of the available space and certified VESA DisplayHDR TrueBlack 500. This screen also covers the entire spectrum DCI-P3, Acer tells us.

Inside its chassis (17.9 mm thick for 1.4 kg), the device houses a 12th generation Intel Core “H” processor (Alder Lake), coupled with a maximum of 16 GB of memory vivid (LPDDR5). Acer promises for the rest 10 hours of autonomy in real conditions of use and a fast charge allowing to recover 4 hours of autonomy in 30 minutes on sector. The Swift 3 finally has a 1080p webcam and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.

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Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition: a 3DS under RTX 3080

Probably the most standout laptop from Acer’s conference, the Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition isn’t your average gaming laptop: it’s designed to enable glasses-free stereoscopic 3D gaming experiences. To do this, the machine combines eye tracking technology, a stereoscopic 3D screen and rendering technologies, explains Acer. The brand also relies on SpatialLabs TrueGame, an application developed in-house that will “convert” into 3D around fifty titles at launch. Acer promises that other games will follow.

Helios 300-1 © © Acer

Helios 300-2 © © Acer

Expected in France in September from 3,299 euros, this new Helios 300 is based for the rest on a 15.6-inch Ultra HD panel (on which is installed a module dedicated to 3D gaming), an Intel Core processor 12th generation i9 coupled with 32 GB of DDR5 (at 4800 MHz) and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080. On paper, the device is very intriguing, but we can’t wait to find out if the promised 3D experience is really on point… and if enough games will be able to exploit it properly.

Predator Triton 300 SE 14: the ultraportable gaming goes to 16:10

Far from being so atypical, the Predator Triton 300 SE 14 returns this year with a formula that is changing slightly, but in the right direction. The ultraportable gaming, which we tested last year, is making a comeback in 2022 with the latest generation components, but also with more interesting proposals in terms of display. Expected in July from 1,499 euros, the machine includes a 12th generation Intel Core processor and a GeForce RTX 3000 graphics card.

Triton 300 SE 2022-1 © © Acer
Triton 300 SE 2022-2 © © Acer

On the screen side, Acer evokes optional OLED panels, while the device switches to a 16:10 screen ratio, against 16:9 last year. Acer also talks about a potentially life-saving change in terms of cooling, with the use of a liquid thermal grease system. This will, we hope, limit the heating that we observed during our test of the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE 2021 model.

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ConceptD 5: a powerhouse for creatives

In the field of laptops for creatives, Acer finally draws its Concept 5 / Concept 5 Pro. The first is expected from June from 2,399 euros, while the second, more efficient, will arrive on the market in September from 2,599 euros.

Acer wants to make them compact and efficient workstations for complex modeling or fluid encoding in 6K definition. To achieve this, the Concept 5 will be able to count on a Core i7-12700H coupled with 32 GB of DDR5 and an RTX 3070 Ti, while the Pro version will notably be able to arm itself with an NVIDIA RTX A5500 professional graphics card. Of course, in both cases, NVIDIA RTX Studio drivers (optimized for creative software) will be on the menu.

ConceptD 5-2 © © Acer

On the screen side, no compromise either. Acer evokes a 16:10 OLED panel, Ultra HD +, fully covering the DCI-P3 spectrum, and having a DeltaE of less than 2 for very faithful colors. A little more surprising perhaps on this type of product, we will obviously benefit from a generous autonomy, estimated at 11 hours (in video playback) thanks to a large battery of 99.98 Wh: the maximum authorized on a laptop.

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