Action video released for the electric motorcycle special for harsh conditions [izle]

electric motorcycle introduced to the market long ago Volcon Grunt A remarkable action video was shared for

Volcon Grunt The electric motorcycle model focuses directly on difficult terrain in the farm environment. That’s why the model built on really big tires, as we said in the first news, in general. Gives the feel of a two-wheeled tractor. However, this model naturally makes a great option for normal off-road fun/actions as well. The video you can watch above clearly demonstrates everything you can do with a motorcycle. Technically speaking, it is powered by an electric motor that produces 50 horsepower and 102 Nm of torque. Volcon Grunt, depending on use on a single charge 160 km range brings. This seems really more than enough for land use. The battery pack and motor are exposed, but the lower part is protected by a special plate. Gruntaccording to the company’s statement 96km/h It can go up to speed. This seems to be more than sufficient, as is the range, considering the purpose of production.

Volcon Grunt is an imposing but fast electric motorcycle

With disc brakes and an advanced suspension system, the motorcycle is a good option for carrying small loads or pulling certain loads. If the announced foreign starting price of the motorcycle is 6 thousand dollars level is located.

It will hit the roads in 2021 Volcon Grunt, Nor will it be the company’s only model in 2021. Two UTGs will come from the company, one of which will be released in 2021 and the other in 2022. It is reported that these models, called Stag and Beast, which you see below, will hit the roads in 2022.

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