Add music to Instagram Stories, use music stickers [Nasıl Yapılır?]

Facebook’s popular social media channel Instagram, you know, recently gained music label support for Stories. So how do we use this?

One of the most popular platforms in the world Instagramas we said above today music tag activated its infrastructure in Turkey as well. This long-awaited feature basically allows people to add and share ready-made music to their Stories. Here, the company offers users a large library, thus making the very, very popular Stories more audibly impressive than ever before. Using the new music tags is quite easy. For this, it is enough to enter the tag section that we show below in the Story sharing section, press the tag that says “Music”, and then select the music you want on the page that opens and add it to the Story. New for Turkey, which shows the added music with the lyrics or the cover image. Instagram infrastructure is really simple. available.

Instagram Stories are now more fun with music sticker

added to the platform music label it looks like it will really change the Stories format drastically. The feature has been active abroad for a really long time, and it has already become incredibly popular in Turkey. Especially young people have started to use the feature in every sharing.

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