Adobe Photoshop Express Editor review: the best free solution for photo editing?

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free tool available simultaneously on web and mobile browser (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). It is a complete platform for photo editing and a lite version of Adobe Photoshop, which has a paid license. Despite being a more compact editor than its big brother, like other online photo editing servicesAdobe Photoshop Express Editor offers numerous functions and an extremely easy handling, which make it one of the most appropriate free solutions accessible everywhere at the moment.

Tools for professionals can often be particularly expensive. Among the best photo editing software, let’s take the most famous of its kind, Adobe Photoshop: it takes €23.99 per month to take advantage of its functions and be able to install the software on your computer. All Adobe creative applications (with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro…) require a monthly payment of more than 60€. For this reason, the presence of free online services (which do not require installation or downloading) is increasingly scrutinized by average users, who are looking for a powerful tool in the field without dwelling on the ultimate.

Among the free online editing tools, Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, a more compact version of the famous Photoshop, is one of the most popular services. It is a web application (also available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobiles) whose purpose is to edit, retouch and modify images manually and by AI directly via the browser, completely free of charge.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor © Adobe

As its name suggests, Photoshop Express Editor is a light version of Adobe Photoshop. In doing so, it offers some of the most used functions of the original software, while limiting its possibilities to free users. Thus, we can determine 4 main functions offered by this free and online version of the service.

Photo editing is the main function allowed by this application. On Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, it is possible to bring out specific elements of photos, to change certain shapes or the appearance of certain people. As with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, there are many preset filters and effects that can process an image in just seconds.

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The advanced corrector offers the possibility of deleting or even duplicating elements. On the other hand, an automatic selection feature makes it easy to determine the areas to be corrected, limiting potential errors. The idea is to allow any user who wishes to eliminate imperfections, stains or dust present on a photo.

Photos can also be edited with advanced features to, for example, adjust colorimetry, brightness, contrast or reduce noise.

Finally, it is possible to combine several photos and images (and thus create photo montages), using a layer system directly taken from Photoshop. Each user can thus select up to 9 images and then arrange them according to proposed frames (you can also adjust the space between the images, the rounding of the angles, the size of the main frame, etc.). This free and lite version also allows you to add text, stickers, colors but also to modify the background of a photo.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor Home © Adobe

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor also offers various quick actions that do not require any manual work from the user. To do this, simply import a photo so that the operation is done by itself thanks to an AI. For example, if you want to remove the background from an image, the application can do it by itself: you just have to import your photo into the appropriate quick action to get the result immediately.

Overall, Photoshop Express Editor may be less feature-rich than its paid big brother, but it’s still one of the most impressive and useful free photo editing apps out there.

Get started with Photoshop Express Editor

The handling of Photoshop Express Editor is quite clearly one of its main qualities. The goal of the software is to offer a simple and accessible service to everyone, even to users whose knowledge of photo editing is limited. As soon as you arrive on the homepage of the service in its web version, everything is indicated. It is possible to create a new project according to its subsequent use: Photoshop Express Editor allows you to create an Instagram Story, a publication on Meta, a poster, a logo, a flyer, a collage, a thumbnail…

Once you have clicked on one of these predefined projects, many models are made available to the user so that he can draw inspiration from them for his own creation. It is possible to add text, image, shapes, background, logos or even various design resources to the project thanks to an easily accessible sidebar, to personalize it to the maximum.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor © Adobe

During its use, Photoshop Express Editor offers a whole bunch of tutorials (which can be deactivated if necessary) to allow the user to understand the ins and outs of the service as he progresses in the realization of his project. On the other hand, the application offers a whole bunch of very practical quick actions that allow you to modify an image or video in just a few clicks. Among these quick actions generated by an artificial intelligence, we count for example the possibility of removing a background on an image, of resizing a photo, of converting several images into GIF, of cutting, resizing or merging videos…

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When retouching an image directly, a side task bar located to the right of the modified photo allows you to manage filters, effects, improvements (contrast, brightness, saturation, highlight, shadow, warmth, sharpness) but also the potential blurring effects. The tool is straightforward in its use, and the fact that it has fewer features than premium software like big brother Photoshop makes it easier to explore. Fewer options = more clarity.

In terms of accessibility, Photoshop Express Editor is compatible with most operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), for the simple reason that it is directly accessible via modern web browsers. The application is also available via smartphones. In doing so, Photoshop Express Editor is a much more “portable” tool than the original software from which it is derived, Adobe Photoshop. It is indeed possible to use it on any computer or any smartphone.


Adobe Photoshop Express Editor © Adobe

Adobe Photoshop Express is a lightweight and free version of Adobe Photoshop software. In other words, all you have to do is create a Creative Cloud account to take advantage of its features.

It is nevertheless a Freemium tool: some looks, filter effects and text styles are chargeable even if the rest of the application and many tools are offered free of charge to use.

On the other hand, despite being free, Adobe Photoshop Express does not contain advertisements.

More experienced users looking for more features can also turn to the classic Photoshop software, which is available for a monthly subscription of €23.99.


Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is primarily aimed at novice users who are looking for a free, intuitive and accessible platform to apply simple retouching to photos. Thanks to its quick actions, templates and project themes, this free version is easy to learn and does not require any knowledge of graphic design to be used to its full potential.

It is certainly not the most complete tool on the market, but the service is undoubtedly very impressive, intuitive and complete compared to free photo software for Windows or macOS. Overall, Photoshop Express Editor has everything it needs to hit its primary target, which is uninitiated users or those looking to edit an image quickly, without hassle.

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Adobe Photoshop ExpressEditor


Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is one of the most flamboyant options on the free online photo editing market. Accessible everywhere (Web, iOS, Android), the application offers most of the most popular tools to modify or improve a photo. It also benefits from an interface that is very pleasant to navigate and particularly suitable for users with limited knowledge of graphics. It’s a light version of Photoshop that has nothing to envy to other free online photo editing software and/or applications.


  • A very complete free tool
  • Very practical quick actions
  • A sleek interface
  • Perfect for beginners

The lessers

  • Filters and some paid content
  • Less complete and precise than Photoshop



Getting started




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