After ARM, Apple is now eyeing the high-performance RISC-V architecture

Apple M1 © Apple

Because Apple likes to have several strings to its bow, the RISC-V invites itself to the brand.

A few months ago, Apple launched its Apple Silicon strategy with the deployment of the SoC M1, an ARM solution designed so that the company is no longer dependent on x86 from other companies, including Intel.

A strategy that logically follows its course, but which could only be a step for Apple, in any case determined not to put all its eggs in one basket. The Cupertino company is thus looking into the issue of the emerging RISC-V.

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Particularly noted by Tom’s Hardware, an unequivocal job offer confirmed persistent rumors. Said offer actually specifies that Apple is looking for one (or more) developer(s) with in-depth knowledge of RISC-V.

There is of course no question of revealing all the current or future projects with such a job offer, but Apple clearly seems to be moving towards RISC-V projects in connection with the development of its various services and software. dedicated (iOS, macOS, etc.).

Apple stresses, however, that of course suitors must have a solid background and more than five years’ experience in areas such as machine learningthe vision computing or natural language processing in addition to a high level in ASM/C coding.

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To guard against the takeover of ARM by NVIDIA?

The integration of RISC-V into the Apple ecosystem obviously does not happen by chance and even if the takeover of ARM by NVIDIA is much more complicated than expected, we can legitimately estimate that Apple is trying to prepare for any eventuality. In addition to being a very interesting solution anyway, RISC-V could be a way to pay nothing to the (future?) new owner of ARM.

Still, Apple will clearly not be able to switch its entire ecosystem to RISC-V in the blink of an eye. Known for its culture of secrecy, Apple gives no roadmap or language to rely on to know exactly what its intentions are, but no matter what form RISC-V integration might take, it will require preparation. multiple layers of software and the hiring of many talented programmers. Let’s bet that we will soon hear about RISC-V again on the Cupertino side.

Source : Tom’s Hardware

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