Agreement signed; Renault to solve biggest loss of 2021 with Volvo-Geely partnership

The Renault-Samsung partnership, operating in South Korea, has reached an agreement with Geely on infrastructure sharing.

One of the names that closed the year 2021, which we left behind in the shadow of the supply crisis, with a global loss was the Renault Group. The negative leader of the table, which also drew attention to the rise in brands such as Alpine and Dacia on a brand basis, was on the side of South Korea. With the brand, which offers solutions as Renault-Samsung in partnership in the region, closed 2021 with a 36 percent decline, alarm bells began to ring in the ears. The exit ticket of the brand, which needs to take important steps in the short term, will come from the Geely-Volvo partnership. Within the scope of the agreement, the first details of which were published, Renault-Samsung and Geely came together and shook hands on infrastructure sharing and production.

Renault-Samsung models will be built on Volvo-Geely partnership architecture

The CMA architecture is at the center of the new agreement, which will directly affect the production in Busan, one of the largest cities in South Korea. The modular platform, which is also used in Geely and Lynk & Co models along with the Volvo XC40, will also be used in the new product range to be created for Renault-Samsung with the agreement. The South Korean operation, which wants to release the first models developed on this infrastructure in 2024, is aimed to reach a better level in meeting expectations. While the planning for the priority order of the vehicles is not known for now, it is among the limited information that there will be gasoline and rechargeable hybrid engine options under the hood. The new product range, which will be sold only in South Korea at the first stage, is also on the table to be imported to different markets in the future.

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