AirPods Pro 2 introduced with details that raise the bar

AirPods Pro 2 or new AirPods Prowas introduced with features that raise the bar in its class. An ambitious option came.

2019 entered our lives in AirPods Pro finally renewed. The new version, which we encountered at Apple’s big event, preserves the general design line and stands out especially with the updates in its technical infrastructure. Again bringing high passive insulation in earphone form The designed product stands out as Apple’s option that offers the best sound quality in its class. It’s only prepared in white, like the first version, sadly. AirPods Pro 2, newly developed capable It takes it from the H2 processor.

With the H2, the wireless audio transmission capacity is increasing, and with the new drivers, the headset now offers a much higher sound performance. The wireless headphone, whose spatial sound experience has been developed, is also greatly improved in ANC, that is, active noise canceling. The new system powered by H2, Compared to AirPods Pro, it can do exactly two times higher noise canceling. This looks really, really good.

Unlike the first version, the transparency mode of the product, which works adaptively, in other words, can adapt to the environment, can now be controlled with swipe gestures. as a single 6 hours new battery life AirPods Prototal with hopper 30 hours can see. The model, which uses Bluetooth 5.3 for connection, does not or cannot offer lossless sound, contrary to expectations.

AirPods Pro 2 combines high comfort and sound quality

A hanger connection is now offered for the chamber of the product, which plays sound with the speakers placed in the chamber, thus making it easier to find the chamber. These hangers are attached to the side as you can see in the photo below. The new model, which can also be filled with Apple Watch chargers, will be on the shelves on September 23 and its price abroad It will be at the level of $249. The price of the model in Turkey is full. 5,399 TL level.

Redmi K40 and K40 Pro series will be very pleased with the screen

Apple goes over the following summary for the new headset: “Next generation Active Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Transparency Mode. Personalized Spatial Sound. And 6 hours of battery life on a single charge. It has been redesigned for much richer sound quality.”

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