AirTags are not made to track people or pets, warn Apple

AirTags were one of the novelties presented by Apple during this week’s Spring loaded event. However, the announcement of the trackers raised a question: “Can I use them to track children or pets?”

Kaiann Drace, vice president of marketing at Apple, answered that question to Fast Company. Then, the executive emphasized that the device was developed with the intention of locating objects, not people or pets.

Although he was firm in the statement, Drace suggested other accessories for the Apple that can replace AirTags. For example, it indicates a Apple Watch with a familiar setting for parents who want to accompany young children safely.

In the case of pets, it is possible to make an exception for the use of the tracker. The executive says that the gadget can be installed on the animal’s collar, but the owner must make sure that the dog or cat is within reach of a device connected to the Search application.

Anti-Stalking Protection

The size of a button, the Apple acknowledge that AirTag may be used by malicious individuals for other purposes. The tracker can be placed in a person’s bag or backpack and used by criminals to track the victim.

In order to avoid these situations, the brand created anti-stalking protections. If the person has an iPhone with iOS 14.5 or higher, the Search app will send an alert that there is a tracker not paired with the smartphone following the person.

If the gadget is away from the paired device for an extended period of time, it will also emit a sound to alert people nearby. Indirectly, the feature comes in handy for Android users who might be being followed.

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Upon finding an AirTag, the victim of the chase can use an NFC-compatible phone to scan it. This will take you to a page of the Apple with instructions to immediately disable the tracking feature.

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