Alba, Adventure in the Wild: New Game from Monument Valley Studios

Alba and a very Mediterranean adventure

Alba, Adventure in the Wild: New Game from Monument Valley Studios 4

The creators of Monument Valley, Ustwo, have proven time and again that they are capable of really good things in video games. They demonstrated it under that name, with its sequel and other subsequent proposals. Now they go back to charge with Alba: Adventure in the Wild.

A new game that they have already shown through a small bully a few months later, finally released for PC and iOS devices. From today you can access it via Steam if you are playing on your computer, or via Apple Arcade if you want to do it on your iPhone or iPad. However, they will soon comment on their plans to port the experience to other platforms. We don’t know what consoles are on, but we really hope that the Nintendo laptop doesn’t have this, because there you can get a lot of fun out of it too.

As for the game itself, with the first gameplay trailer, it offers us a story that is as simple as it is engaging. In it, you take on the role of Alba, a girl who goes on a trip to the Mediterranean island to visit her grandparents. Upon arrival, he meets an animal in danger, and this makes him wonder if the local fauna needs help to survive and withstand the various dangers that threaten.

Alba, Adventure in the Wild: New Game from Monument Valley Studios 5

So, without really thinking about it, he decides that during this summer he will spend his vacation helping as many animals as possible, which he meets, traveling around the island from one point to another. This will include rescuing poisoned squirrels, dolphins that reach the shore and need to return to the sea to survive, or various species of birds and other animals that you can identify with your local fauna notebook and your mobile phone. Telephone. Fortunately, she will not be alone, she will also be helped by her grandfather and her friend Ines.

Incredible graphics and music for a very authentic setting

Alba, Adventure in the Wild: New Game from Monument Valley Studios 6

With very vibrant graphics reminiscent in some respects of the coloring of Animal Crossing New Horizons, one of the great values ​​of this new game is the same as previous proposals from the studio: an atmosphere that can be achieved.

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In this case, for those of us who live in Spain or in the Mediterranean regions, even more so. Because, as can be seen from elements such as a diary or a book about animals, apart from the occasional details of the island itself, the inspiration is very clear.

So, if you are looking for a title to enjoy your gaming service subscription Apple or for your children, in addition to a list of necessary things from Apple Arcade, this can be a great option. Not forgetting what we discussed, which is also available through Steam.

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