Albums by people from Google Photos finally reach more countries

Whenever we talk about Google Photos we say that it is one of the most successful Google products in recent years, and it is not for less. I have seen advanced users use it fluently and people who are not very fond of technology take advantage of it. It is certainly an application that we should all have on mobile.

However, the functions that the service has are not the same in all countries and that is that different reasons, both technical and legal, mean that we cannot always take full advantage of the apps.

In the case of Google Photos there was a function that was limited to certain markets, such as the United States. We refer to facial recognition. Now it begins to arrive in Europe.

Albums by people and much more

This function allows us to create albums in which a person comes out and have it updated automatically when we add photos of it.

In addition, it allows us to see images of Before and after If we have photos with years of difference. This or does the system automatically as it does other things like automatic photo editing or memories.

In the image above you see how the interface is before the update and how it is after, with a new section in the upper left of the albums.

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If we click we can see the images of the people we have, assign the name to those that are not yet recognized and even improve the reliability of the labeling by differentiating between images proposed by the application itself.

Albums by people from Google Photos finally reach more countries 2

In addition, we can use people’s names as filters to see photos of that person alone, and we can also attach them to other filters, such as searching for photos of someone’s beach.

If you are concerned about privacy, you should know that these tags are only available to the account owner, and that they are not shared when we send a photo.

This update will be deployed in the coming weeks although if you do not want to wait you can activate it with the trick we told you a while ago.

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