All-in-one smart LED display: LG LAEC015

LGunveils the all-in-one smart LED display. LG LAEC015, which can be preferred for advertising, promotion and information, can also be used as a presentation screen in meetings, conferences and congresses.

The screen, which acts as a digital marketing area, has a size of 136 inches and Full HD resolution. Offering a brightness of 500 nits, LAEC015 appeals to brands that want to make their voices heard by the masses with its integrated system monitoring function, built-in speaker and special accessories. The LAEC series stands out because it requires no wiring or module configuration. The screen, which has a simple installation process, supports LG One: Quick Share. In this way, users can share the personal computer screen on the LAEC screen with the USB dongle button and embedded Wi-Fi.

Has the price of LG LAEC015 screen been announced in Turkey?

The series is powered by a single power cable without the need for a complicated power connection. It is stated that maintaining the product or repairing it in case of malfunction is at least as easy as installing it. In the event of a malfunction with LAEC’s LED module or system board, service can be provided from the front of the screen. The LED module is simply detached with the special magnetic apparatus and can be quickly replaced without wiring. Although the announcement of the screen took place, the price of LG LAEC015 in Turkey has not been announced yet.

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