All job postings opened by Togg for the domestic automobile project

Behind the domestic automobile project togg, recruits in many different fields and regions. New job postings are popping up all the time.

First Togg The signed domestic car model is in the form of an SUV and in the Gebze-based factory, which is still being installed. 2022 It is expected to eventually enter production. The all-electric car, whose official sales price has not yet been announced, 2023 It is slated to be put on the road this year. Many different personnel are needed in the development process of this vehicle and project. Now Togg’s here you can reach LinkedIn on the page 37 different, from here you can reach Career if on page 2 There are different job postings.

Mainly Togg where the factory is located Gebze centered advertisements, Ankara There are also some job postings. It should also be noted that new job postings are constantly being opened. There is even a “Risk Assessment and Internal Control” job posting that was opened just 15 minutes ago as of February 4, 2022 3:20 pm.

Meanwhile, Togg 2024 It wants to bring a sedan model to the roads, which will again be fully electric. The last of the most important details about Togg from hereand directly to the details of the sedan model we mentioned, introduced at CES 2022. from here you can reach. The live broadcast of the factory, which is always open for those who want to see it. here is located.

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