All the Features Said to Be in the Samsung Galaxy S21

After the announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 series, eyes turned to the Galaxy S21, which will be the company’s first 2021 flagship phone. Leakers have slowly started to distribute information about this phone. Here are the Galaxy S21 rumors that have emerged so far…

South Korean technology giant Samsung has announced its new flagship phone at an Unpacked event in early 2020. Galaxy S20announced the . At that time, this phone had serious speculation. Some people thought that the phone would be called the Galaxy S20 and some people thought it would be called the Galaxy S11. Nowadays, similar rumors are circulating for the successor of this phone. a reliable source of leaks Ice Universe made an important statement on the subject.

According to the statements made by Ice Universe, the new flagship phone of the Galaxy S series, Galaxy S21 will be named. It seems that Samsung will do model upgrades one by one after the Galaxy S20, not after repair. If these explanations are correct, Galaxy S30It is necessary to say that we have 10 years ahead of us to meet with . The name issue is not important for many users, but what will this phone offer users?

According to the current leaks and information we have, if you’re a die-hard Samsung fan, the Galaxy S21 don’t keep your expectations high. Because apparently the Galaxy S21 will appear as an advanced Galaxy S20. Ice Universe’s statements on this subject are that the 108 MP camera of the Galaxy S20 will be developed and added to the Galaxy S21. By the way, for the Galaxy S21 recently, 150MP Let’s stress that camera sensor claims are circulating.

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The 108 MP camera of the Galaxy S20 had problems with users in some issues. For example, in the camera focus problem disturbed many users and even caused reactions. Ice Universe has these issues on Galaxy S21 will disappear and states that new video recording features will be offered to users. In addition, the Galaxy S21 will be a consumer-oriented device and will be able to care about customer feedback.

Samsung recently Galaxy Note 20 introduced the series to consumers. One of the surprising features of this phone was that it did not have a ToF sensor. It seems that Samsung will continue this situation in the Galaxy S21. Because, according to leaks, Samsung’s first flagship phone in 2021 is also Will not include ToF sensor. So what does Samsung think about the most discussed processors of its flagship phones?

Allegedly, the Samsung Galaxy S21, “Exynos 1000” It will be powered by the processor. It is claimed that this processor will be as powerful as the Snapdragon 875. We can say that this is theoretically possible because both flagship phone processors will go through the 5 nm production process. 60 watts It is also among the claims that it will come with fast charging support. In addition to all this, it is said that the Galaxy S21 will have another impressive feature. If this claim is true, we can clearly say that users will smile.

Samsung uses a standard on-screen fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S20 series. As a Galaxy S20 + user, to be frank, this fingerprint reader sensor is a very comfortable use. does not offer. Here, Samsung is aware of this situation and will find a solution to it in the Galaxy S21. Allegedly, Samsung is using Qualcomm’s “Galaxy S21”3D Sonic Max” your fingerprint reader will use its sensor. So what does this sensor promise to users?

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Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Max technology is significantly different than the fingerprint reader sensors we’ve seen so far. large. When we compare it to the Galaxy S20 17 times difference it’s coming out. In addition, this technology of Qualcomm is highly advanced in terms of both security and accuracy. Here, Samsung will prefer such an advanced fingerprint scanner sensor on the Galaxy S21.

  • Note: The Galaxy S21 images we use in our content are concepts. These images do not reflect the final design of the phone.

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