Amazon: Echo Buds first sale drops price by $ 90 (discount …

Amazon launched its first wireless headset last year, Echo Buds, powered by Alexa. If $ 130 MSRP is too high for you, Amazon It has lowered Echo Buds prices for the first time, making it only $ 89.99 ($ ​​40 off).

Echo Buds offers Bose active noise cancellation, Alexa hands-free activation, up to five hours of music playback on a single charge, and three included headphones. Headphones can also access any default wizard on your mobile device (Google Assistant on Android, Siri on iOS, etc.) if you press and hold the headset.

Although we haven’t reviewed Echo Buds ourselves, other reviews are generally positive. CNET said the headphones “sounded good” and “fit comfortably and worked well to make calls,” while The Verge wrote, “AmazonEarbud wireless really exceeded expectations.”

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