Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite analysis: features, price and reviews

Recognizable at first sight

As we always do with this type of equipment, the first thing I want you to know about it is design along with the accessories that accompany it. And I can tell you how few surprises we will find here.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite analysis: features, price and reviews 6

In a box next to Amazon Stick find: normal power connector with a microUSB cable to power this accessory, HDMI extender and, like a novelty, new remote which Amazon dubbed Alexa-Lite. A remote control that, unlike the others, has no TV on / off buttons or volume control. But we’ll talk about this accessory a few lines ahead.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite analysis: features, price and reviews 7

In terms of the aesthetics of this team, it is identical to the rest of its older brothers. An elongated stick-shaped plastic case that has a microUSB port for power supply and ends with an HDMI connector that will be used to connect it to our screens.

The fact that he is equal to the rest is neither bad nor good. In my opinion, this is completely indifferent to me, since, unlike the TV Cube, this gadget is designed to hide behind the TV, and it will not be possible to see it in any situation.

Software: another old acquaintance

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Turning now to what we find after its first launch, after the first few tweaks, we arrive at a user interface that, again, is the same as the rest of the company’s sticks.

We see the same menus and options, among which we can access different categories such as:

  • Search engine : a place where we can search for TV shows and films on the topic we need or, of course, with a specific name, just by typing its name. We can also perform these searches through the virtual assistant using voice commands.
  • Home page : In this menu, we will find a large number of recommended content from different platforms installed on the Fire TV Stick. These recommendations will be tailored to our tastes and searches.
  • Appendix score : as in other gadgets of this family, from this menu we can install applications, among which we will find all kinds of options. Of course, there won’t be a shortage of games in this section for use with the TV Cube’s own remote or with a Bluetooth-connected gamepad.
  • Configuration : a menu in which we will find various information about the equipment, as well as the ability to switch between different parameters such as playback quality among other aspects.
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2 main differences Amazon Stick Lite

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite analysis: features, price and reviews 9

If there are two details that set this Fire TV Stick Lite apart from the rest of its family, they are: maximum resolution and new remote control

This equipment is capable of achieving resolution 1080p @ 60fps maximum speed … Depending on the quality of your Wi-Fi signal, you can configure this section through the settings menu. Although this quality is not the best, I must tell you that you cannot miss it too much, given that it is HDR, HDR10 + and HLG compatible … All this provides the best picture quality when our screen is compatible with these technologies.

Another notable feature, despite not being different from other Fire TVs, is new processor which Amazon included in its most recent issues. The chip that makes the experience is very smooth both when navigating menus and settings, and when performing heavier tasks such as playing games. A prime example of this is that we can play games like Asphalt 8 without too many problems, no lags or significant lags.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite analysis: features, price and reviews 10

On the other hand, the difference new command: Alexa-Lite … A controller that doesn’t have a volume control, which wasn’t a problem for me, although it was the lack of a button to turn the device on and off. This means that we cannot control the TV with this remote control and, therefore, at some point we will have to use the “regular” controller of our TV. Things to consider before buying.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is available for purchase at Amazon per regular price € 29.99 … A team that is worth it if what you are looking for is the best experience at a price you cannot compete with. Also, just like at launch, it is likely that at some point we will find it at a price of 20 euros. So stay tuned and get started as soon as you see this opportunity.

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