Amazon launches ‘smart soap dish’ with Alexa for R$ 280

THE Amazon discreetly launched the Smart Soap Dispenser, a smart device with Alexa voice assistant to be used in the bathroom sink. The curious product promises to bring features that collaborate with the users’ hygiene.

The “smart soap dish” has 10 LEDs that light up every time the device is used. The last light turns off after 20 seconds, indicating the time recommended by health agencies for hand hygiene.

With a capacity of up to 350 ml, another feature of the Smart Soap Dispenser is to regulate the amount of soap. According to the positioning of the user’s hand, the piece releases different doses of soap.

According to the manufacturer, the product should only be used with liquid soap. Therefore, it is not recommended for use with foaming soaps or hand sanitizers.

What’s more, the dispenser has a rechargeable battery via the micro USB port on the back. According to Amazon, a single charge can last for about three months even with daily use.

Combining resources with Alexa

Smart Soap Dispenser works in partnership with Echo devices. Although the bathroom gadget does not have microphones or speakers, the product allows integration with Alexa and opens up countless possibilities for everyday application.

You can choose a song to play for 20 seconds and encourage children to wash their hands properly. As well, the person can create a configuration where the lights in the room are turned off minutes after using the soap dish.

Finally, the Smart Soap Dispenser starts at $55 — about $288 in direct conversion. This price is significantly more expensive than any other automatic dispenser model available on the marketplace at Amazon North-American.

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