Amazon takes ‘smart supermarket’ to Whole Foods stores

THE Amazon is implementing the “no-cash supermarket” technology, known for avoiding lines when paying for purchases, in two new Whole Foods stores in the United States, scheduled to open in 2022. The units will be located in the cities of Washington DC and Sherman Oaks.

With the “Just Walk Out” system activated, facing the supermarket line will be a thing of the past. The technology uses sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence, elements similar to those found in autonomous cars, as the retail giant claims, to identify the products that the consumer has taken from the shelves.

When it’s time to pay, just scan a QR Code on the big tech or Whole Foods app and insert a debit or credit card linked to the account. Amazon, or scan your palm into the system Amazon One to confirm payment. When leaving the store, a digital receipt is sent to the buyer’s cell phone.

Consumers who do not want to use smart supermarket technology will have other options, including the traditional method of serving. According to the company, employees of the supermarket chain will be available in all departments of the new units to assist customers in using the tool.

Expanding technology

First released in stores Amazon Go, in 2016, Just Walk Out technology is coming to several other establishments in recent years, including a unit of the Fresh supermarket in the UK, which opened in March this year. Jeff Bezos’ company says it also sells the solution to third-party retailers.

However, the expansion of the system has worried unions, which fear the elimination of jobs with automated sales. In relation to this, the Amazon he said that Whole Foods supermarket chain stores equipped with the novelty will keep a similar number of employees, performing other types of functions.

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