Amazon wanted to develop a wearable with Alexa and GPS to monitor its children


Amazon has worked on a wearable with Alexa, a GPS and a microphone so that parents can monitor their children at all times.

Bloomberg tells us that Amazon has planned to develop a wearable device for children aged 4 to 12 to reassure parents.

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GPS, Alexa and microphone

This one, code name Seeker, would have taken the form of a bracelet, a key ring or a clip if it had seen the light of day. Amazon wanted to integrate a GPS so that the child could be tracked in real time, thus meeting a need felt by all parents: to know where their child is and if they are well.

The device was also to embed the voice assistant Alexa. The wearable could have been voice-activated like any other Alexa hardware, but the available content and queries would have been limited to avoid the risk of the child hearing what they weren’t supposed to hear.

A microphone and speaker were also considered to allow parents and child to communicate at all times.

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A partnership with Disney?

Bloomberg reports that the project was launched in mid-2019, with the goal of bringing a product to market in 2020. It ultimately did not hit the market, but the news agency is unsure whether the project has been abandoned, temporarily suspended or is still under consideration. A price of 99 dollars had been mentioned.

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Documents also show a collaboration between Amazon and Disney for the design of a wearable for children, code name Magic Band, which could be released before the end of the year. The purpose of this bracelet is still unknown to this day.

Given the privacy-related cases Amazon has been embroiled in with Alexa, no doubt teeth would cringe if such plans came to fruition.

Source : Bloomberg

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