AMD’s GPUs will get a major performance boost with drivers for Windows 11 22H2

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Notice to holders of graphics cards AMD Radeon and Windows 11the performance of your machine will improve significantly.

The upcoming 22H2 update for Team Rouge GPUs indeed promises a substantial performance boost.

AMD continues to optimize the performance of its Radeon graphics cards, after releasing a driver last month allowing DirectX 11 to run better on them. This allowed a gain of around 30% on titles using this API.

This month, Team Rouge is turning to OpenGL, another software still widely used for benchmarking tools and for many games. AMD has therefore deployed a driver in the Windows 11 22H2 build.

The Creator, a user at Guru3D, managed to install the famous update. On the Unigine Valley benchmark, he noted a performance gain of around 55%. On Unigine Overlay, that number jumps to 34%.

Some adjustments still to be made

However, everything is not yet perfect with this new AMD driver for Windows 11. The Creator has indeed noted on Unigine Heaven not an increase, but this time a drop in performance, of the order of 26%. .

Team Rouge therefore still has a few adjustments and optimizations to make on software compatible with OpenGL. Either way, it’s a promising first step for AMD, which so far seemed to be pedaling when it comes to OpenGL.

Also note that the benchmarks used by The Creator are not new, since they date from the last decade. Still, AMD needs to look at these tools and older games using these solutions, so that the performance gain is more consistent.

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Source : Guru3D

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