An Intel Core i7-13700K passes the 6 GHz mark: watch out for the voltage!

Intel Raptor Lake © Hardware Cooking

Expected for September/October, the new range of processors Intel is already the subject of many rumors.

After numerous measurements, here are the first overclocking results for a Core i7-13700K from the Raptor Lake range. Keep in mind that these are still just rumors.

Plus or minus 1.5 V of voltage

Two tests were published at about the same time with screenshots sent to our colleagues at Videocardz. In the first case, it is a question of overclocking a 13700K up to 6 GHz on all its high-performance cores, but disabling the efficient cores.

Overclocking Intel Core i9-13700K © Videocardz

Such a configuration leads to a score of 983 on the test single thread of CPU-Z. Remember that even a Core i9-13900K with a frequency of 5.5 GHz on all its high-performance cores cannot achieve such a score: it is limited to 892 points.

On the other hand, disabling efficient cores logically affects the result multi-threaded which tops out at just 7,814 points. According to the captures received by Videocardzthe voltage was set at 1.421 V.

Overclocking Intel Core i9-13700K © Videocardz

The second test was limited to 5.8 GHz on the high-performance cores, but did not disable the efficient cores, clocked at 3.7 GHz. In this configuration, the scores are 947 points in single thread and no less than 12,896 in multi-threaded.

Be careful though, the voltage used is even higher since still according to the captures of our colleague, we are talking about 1.5 V. But the Core i7-13700K is then able to do better than the Core i9-13900K @ 5.5 GHz by 10% and better than the Core i9-12900K @ 5.2 GHz by 16%.

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Source : Videocardz

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