Anatel certifies national technology that blocks 5G in prisons

The radio frequency engineering company NEGER Telecom obtained approval from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) to develop a technology that prevents the use of the 5G signal in Brazilian prisons.

According to the company, the current security systems are not capable of preventing the passage of the signal of the fifth generation of mobile connectivity – which is currently in the final stages of approval before the frequency auction takes place in the country and should move R$ 44 billion. The idea is to implement the feature before the commercial arrival of 5G, preventing any inappropriate use in advance.

The current blocking systems are used in more than 40 units of prisons, jails and security areas throughout the country. NEGER is the first company to obtain Anatel’s approval for 5G, which requires more robust and precise equipment to be prevented from reaching the cells, while not affecting the network of telephone operators in nearby areas.

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Totally privately financed, the equipment takes into account all 5G bands and new technologies, such as the use of multiple antennas in a transmission cell (massive MIMO) and traffic signaling alternating information between users (beamforming).

It still has a technology for blocking criminal drones and should soon receive new modules and systems. The idea has even been exported to other countries in the region.

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