Android 10 allows two apps to access the microphone simultaneously

Android 10 It is already a reality in some phones and many are the novelties that have come from the hand of this new version. Google’s operating system has been completely renewed with features as prominent as the serial dark mode or the new navigation gestures. However, as the weeks go by, new aspects of the most interesting appear.

On this occasion, the Android developer website itself has been the medium that has shown the latest functionality. Yes, Android 10 allows two apps to use the microphone simultaneously. That is, some selected tools will be able to enjoy the microphone’s qualities in order to improve the user experience. For example, we can use Google Assistant while we identify a song with Shazam.

Two types of applications: common and privileged

Google bases its new version of OS on two different applications. First we talk about apps with privileges that are shown as Priority tools In another section we find the common apps Well, only the first ones can have some of the most outstanding innovations of Android 10 like the one we are going to analyze below: Simultaneous use of the microphone.

The Android developer blog has confirmed some of the new features that allow these priority apps to become much more utilitarian tools. In this way, these applications are capable, among other things, of capturing audio from different sources simultaneously. That is, two tools that they can record the sound to use it in their services. In these types of situations, apps can share the microphone with each other taking priority of the application that starts last.

Android 10

At the moment, not much is known about this section. What is clear is that Google wants completely modify the accessibility of Android 10 through functionalities as utilitarian as the one we have analyzed. Some changes that can not only improve the operation of Google Assistant, but are shown as a key service to increase an improvement in the user experience.

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