Android 10 in OnePlus 7 Pro: practical with all the new features of OxygenOS

Android 10 oneplus 7 pro environmental display

First, let’s eliminate disappointment: there is still no screen always active.

As a kind of solution to what remains a completely disconcerting omission, OnePlus has improved the environmental display. After the Android 10 update, the environmental display shows weather reports and calendar events that are adapted according to the time of day and its location.

The environmental display has been updated, but it is disconcerting that there is not yet a continuous power option.

Apparently, there is also a new function that, like the Now Playing function on Pixel phones, shows the song and the artist’s name for any music that is played just by touching the ambient screen. I say apparently because I could never make this work.

The priority and grouping changes in the notification bar in the stock of Android 10 also do so in the open beta version of OxygenOS as a whole.

Dark mode and customization

Android 10 oneplus 7 pro version number

OnePlus was always far from being the worst offender when it comes to OEMs that transform the Settings menu into a messy mess (looking at you, Huawei), but things get even tidier with Android 10 thanks to the new Customization menu.

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Instead of grouping all customizable OxygenOS elements into different categories, this new submenu groups almost all optional cosmetic changes of the user interface. This includes accent colors, UI icon shapes, app icon packs, fonts, and all lock screen customization, such as wallpapers, on-screen fingerprint animations, and Horizon Light color for flickering notifications to along the curved edge.

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It is also where you will find that OxygenOS acquires a suitable dark mode, compatible with AMOLED and throughout the system. The option appears in Personalization> Tone along with the Normal light theme and a Colorful mode that combines light and dark elements with colorful icons. Alternatively, you can select the preset theme “Dark nuanced” that also changes other elements of the user interface, such as the environmental display clock and fingerprint animation.

Unfortunately, the OnePlus dark mode mixes discordant gray tones with deep blacks, especially in the quick settings panel. This will not be a decisive factor for many, but dark mode purists will certainly expect this to change for the stable launch. It is also worth noting that there is no shortcut in dark mode in the quick settings, since there are in stock Android 10.

Other features and UI settings

android 10 oneplus 7 pro bugdroid

We have covered most of the major changes in the open beta version of OxygenOS, but in addition to other basic changes to Android 10, such as new privacy options, there are many minor adjustments that are unique to the OnePlus mask.

Many of these are aesthetic changes that are as small as the newly incorporated Bugdroid icon that now appears on the home screen and the relocation of the battery indicator to the left side of the quick setup.

OxygenOS includes a series of major and minor changes that improve on Android 10 ‘stock’.

Others, such as the revised volume panel with multiple sliders in a small panel, are useful but easy to lose. There is also an intelligent control that automatically adjusts the background power for applications based on their characteristics and their own use.

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Raise to Switch It is actually one of my new favorite features. With Raise to Switch, any call you make or answer will be automatically changed from any Bluetooth headset or headset that you may have accidentally left when you lift the phone to your ear.

Many of these additions and changes are relatively minor, but they are still smart and welcome improvements over normal Android 10.

That’s all for our handy with Android 10 in OnePlus 7 Pro. What is your new favorite feature? Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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