Android 12: emojis, animations, Power Menu … a leak reveals lots of new features to come

As Google prepares the ground for Android 12, the media XDA Developers was able to get their hands on an unofficial build of this version of the mobile OS and discovered a slew of features that could emerge in the stable version.

Android 12

Android 12 // Source: Frandroid

Android 12 is preparing slowly, but surely behind the scenes of Google. While Developer Preview 2 is already available on smartphones Pixel to deliver some clues about what the stable version of the mobile OS has in store, the XDA Developers site was able to get their hands on an even more recent and confidential one.

The teams of the specialized site were indeed able to get their hands on this precious booty thanks to an anonymous source. The in question is newer than the DP2, but “” says XDA Developers. Despite this, while digging through the code, the media found traces of several interesting functions that could emerge when Android 12 is officially available.

Some practical changes for everyday life

XDA Developers presents in an exhaustive way all the novelties discovered in this Android 12. A good part of them aim at improving the use of the telephone on a daily basis.

Scrolling screenshots

Taking a screenshot on Android is child’s play. However, some smartphones offer to take scrolling screenshots. The device thus in the interface and registers all of it. This is useful for saving an article, for example, without having to cut it in half. On Android 12, this function should finally land natively.

In the scrutiny by XDA-Developers, this function has also improved since it displays the entire capture and offers the user to crop it to keep only the part that interests him.

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Google Assistant

Our smartphones Android, regardless of brand, offers multiple ways to call Google Assistant. On Android 12, it seems that activating the smart assistant will be possible via a long press on the power button on the phone.

Menu Google Assistant Android 12

Activate Google Assistant with the unlock button could be possible on Android 12 // Source: XDA Developers

Some manufacturers already offer this on their home interfaces, but it could now become a standard.

Dual home screen for tablets

On tablets with fairly large diagonals, Android 12 should allow two home screens to be displayed simultaneously. Specifically, it would be to display two pages of your home screen side by side when you hold the device horizontally.

Dual Android 12 home screen

On tablets, it would be possible to have a dual home screen with Android 12 // Source: XDA Developers

In the image above, for example, we can see on the left a page with a Telegram widget and some apps, and a page on the right with the clock, weather and also some apps.

New emojis

You can read everywhere on the web that emojis have entered our vocabulary, are part of our grammar or serve as punctuation. Unsurprisingly, new emojis have been discovered in these development versions of Android 12.

New Android 12 emojis

New emojis are expected on Android 12 // Source: XDA Developers

If these changes are preserved in the finalized version of the new OS, we would have on the program: a revisited design and a priori some additional emojis related to food.

New access to the Power Menu

The Power Menu is one of the cool new features of Android 11. It allows you to quickly access your connected devices and cards registered on Google Pay by pressing and holding the unlock button. On Android 12, this option will also be available via the quick settings panel with a dedicated tile called “Cards & Passes” in English.

For people who will set their unlock buttons to activate Google Assistant – as described above – this will be a good solution not to be deprived of the Power Menu.

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Design evolution on Android 12

Each new version of Android brings its share of aesthetic changes. A priori, this version 12 of the mobile OS will not escape it.

New slider for volume and for brightness

XDA Developers noticed that the slider to change the volume of the smartphone had been revisited on this unofficial. It has a more rounded design and, above all, it is thicker and somewhat reminiscent of a filling gauge. It’s a look similar to what we can see on Xiaomi’s MIUI for example.

In addition, the accent color of this matches that of the theme selected on the smartphone by the user. This is a similar development that can be observed on the screen brightness slider.

Android 12 brightness

The brightness gauge could be revisited on Android 12 // Source: XDA Developers

However, here the bar remains thin and it is only the gauge indicating the current brightness level that thickens.

New animations

Through some videos shared by XDA Developers, we can see that the tested is adorned with several animations. For example, by opening the application drawer, it will bounce slightly against the top of the screen. Same observation on the animation related to the load of the device. When you plug in the latter, you see small dots waving upwards.

Another thing: by scrolling through a menu to the end, the XDA Developers teams realized that it stretched a bit to make it visually clear that we could not scroll lower or higher.

Security and confidentiality

Flagship argument ofApple on iOS, the security and confidentiality of data is a project on which Google has made several efforts in recent years on Android. On this Android 12, functions related to this area have been spotted.

Manage notifications

The Android 12 PD already shows that Google seems to be working on a way to better control application access to your notifications. However, in the examined by XDA Developers, a menu suggests that it would be possible to refine these settings by authorizing an app to read only certain categories of notifications.

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Unusable for the moment, the option however already displays the categories of notifications in question such as “real time”, “conversations”, “default” and “silent”.

More transparency on the clipboard

In this unofficial Android 12, there is an option that, if enabled, notifies the user as soon as an open application is reading the contents that have been copied to the clipboard.

This is a small change that provides better transparency on the behavior of the applications used. As a reminder, since Android 10, a background app no ​​longer has the right to read the content copied to the clipboard.

Authorization for geolocation

Some apps require access to your location, and you have been able to authorize them for some time only when they are in use. In addition, it is also possible to give them access to a precise geolocation, that is to say approximate.

Android 12 position authorization

Android 12 could better present the options regarding the permissions to access the position // Source: XDA Developers

In the one that interests us here, the window requesting this authorization displays two small maps to better understand the difference between the precise and approximate options.

Other small novelties

Several other small novelties are reported by XDA Developers. One could cite the double tap thanks to which it is possible to invert the positions of two applications when they are used simultaneously in a split screen. The search bar in the widgets menu is also entitled to some presentation changes, some innocuous options have been renamed and some tasks become more fluid.

Remember, however, that today there is nothing to say with certainty that all the functions listed here will indeed appear in the finalized version of Android 12. These are simply avenues explored by the developers of Google for the moment.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that Android 12 should be the subject of a few announcements during Google I / O 2021.

Android 12 is already available on some smartphones in beta or stable version. List of news, smartphones compatible… find everything you need to know about this new version of the Google OS.
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