Android 12 images show brand new quick settings

Android 12 looks set to be one of the operating system’s biggest updates in years both in terms of design and functionality, unlike Android 11, which in Google’s original edition was relatively anonymous.

A developer has managed to enable an interface in the latest Android 12 preview, which is expected to be more in line with the finished system. A consistent theme in Android 12 is that objects have significantly more rounded corners.

This also applies to the quick settings, which in the screenshots have a completely new design. Each quick setting has been given its own box with rounded corners. In addition to the color changing, text also shows whether the setting is off or on. We also see a dedicated button at the bottom to display the power menu.

One of the biggest news in Android 12 is a system-wide wallpaper-based theme engine. The theme function makes it possible to put a personal touch on the interface to a greater extent than before.

The settings below are said to show this, as a dark background image for the home screen has resulted in a darker settings background than the default. Hopefully, the first beta version will reflect the finished design to a greater extent than the preview versions.

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