Android 13 warns if an app is not adapted for the new file permission

One of the security and privacy improvements in Android 13 is that we can choose to give apps permission to images, videos or audio files, or just selected individual images – instead of everything at once.

The aim is that apps should not have access to more files on our mobiles than they actually need. However, apps must leverage the new API calls for it to work. Older apps that haven’t been customized yet will still be given access to everything at once, if we grant the request.

Android 13 displays a warning in those cases and points out that “the app does not support the latest version of Android” and will access all files. The news has been found in the third beta version of Android 13 which was released during last night.

Android 13 will warn you when you try to grant an app targeting an older version access to media files owned by other apps. This is because READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is only split into AUDIO, VIDEO, and IMAGES for apps targeting API 33.

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) June 8, 2022

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